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Another rainy day

which feels like a metaphor for my life.  This is way too many days in a row of rain/gloom/overcast.  If I were in Seattle, I’d be telling myself to suck it up.  But I’m not.  I’m in New York, and OUR crappy weather takes the form of humid-enough-to-drown-in summer nights.  Enough already with the unceasing rain, please!

And enough with the comparisons to my own outlook.  Message received.  Thanks already, but a nice day would be ever so – well, nice.

Here’s what I’m coming up with on clinics:

Clinic PROs CONs Costs
  • 84% DE success rate
  • manysatisfied patients
  • many transfers/year
  • Clinic matches donors
  • Must spend 2 weeks+ in CO at transfer
  • 4-6 month wait
  • travel to Colorado
  • By far the most expensive
  • single cycle = $29,400 + about $12,000 in donor meds, fees, comp.
  • FETs not included
  • IntegraMed’s “insurance” costs appx. 2X single cycle fee, but is refundable in case there is no baby
OR Rep. Med.
  • 73% DE success rate
  • Doc trained at CCRM
  • SAT scores, IQ scores
  • travel to west coast
  • $22,859 + meds./single cycle
  • Shared risk = $16,346 (100% refundable)+ $15,000-$20,000 (non-refundable)
Adv. Fert. Cent. of Chicago
  • >74% DE success rate
  • Offer SAT scores and a database to choose from
  • 8 weeks from consultation to transfer
  • Only 1 visit needed
  • May not qualify for shared risk because of miscarriages
  • Single cycle=$25,000 + meds
  • 80% refund if no baby – 4 cycles+FETs – $32,500 + $7,350/cycle nonrefundable
  • 100% refund if n0o baby – 4 cycles+FETs – $34,000 + $7,350/cycle nonrefundable
My clinic
  • 63% DE success rate
  • Comfortable there
  • no travel
  • Many transfers/year
  • 2-3 month wait
  • database of donors
  • test scores available
  • shared risk only valid til heartbeat seen
  • Single DE cycle = $29,000
  • Shared risk DE cycle = $39,000 (100% refundable) + FETs, + donor compensation & fees ~ $9000 (nonrefundable)
  • 63% DE success rate
  • no travel
  • Long match-up time
  • Still waiting for info packet
Shady Grove
  • 63% DE success rate
  • many transfers/year
  • 2-3 month wait
  • shared donor means that discrepancies will give a clue if my eggs were really the problem or not
  • travel, albeit an easy car ride
  • several days spent there
  • No test score info.
  • chance of cycle being cancelled if not enough eggs to share
  • 6 cycles for $29,000 with donor eggs shared 3 ways + all associated FETs
  • live baby or 100% money back

And there you have it, folks. The ongoing waffling – with charts! – has begun. Anyone with ideas on how to decide (other than flipping a coin), things to add to the waffling chart, or reprimands for being such a wimp about this decision, feel free to comment!

6 comments to Another rainy day

  • WOW! You have been doing your hw! My vote is either CCRM (simply b/c they are the best at what they do) or Shady Grove. I had a good SG experience and their “live, take home baby” shared risk is pretty unbeatable. Denver is so far, but SG is just a few hours…

  • Cat

    You’re absolutely not a wimp. This is a big decision and you will figure it out, it’s just going to take a little time.

    As I mentioned in another comment, we went to Advanced Fertility Center. It took us two fresh and one frozen (m/c) cycle before we had success with my 31 year old ovaries that are somehow old beyond their years, but it eventually worked gangbusters for us (triplets). The RE is very businesslike and candid, which I appreciated. His nurses covered the warm and fuzzy part and they were always great and answered my many, many questions.

    That said, CCRM seems to have the “miracle worker” reputation.

  • good for you for being organized – it helps me make it through too. i hear you from your last post about SG doing six cycles but a money back guarantee is pretty good…hopefully you would not need all six tries. I have to work from home tonight – I just wanted to check in.

    BTW, I got a smiley face and my next DIUI is tomorrow morning. sigh.

  • Hmmm. I think I’d be inclined to go with a clinic that let me pick my own donor.

  • Wow! That is such a great chart – wish I was at the beginning of deciding instead of the end. There are so many variables, hard to know which one to go with. Looking forward to reading about your choices!

  • Maredsous

    Impressive chart. I have seen Shady Grove’s name thrown out there. It really seems like a great deal, but I agree completely with the ability to pick your own donor. If you can take time off, it seems Colorado could be combined with some kind of half-hearted vacation.