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Movement. Bliss.

Ok, so it turns out I’m totally in love with feeling this baby move.  He’s been waking me up by practicing his kung fu moves, and I think it’s freakin’ adorable.  He’s been terrifying the dog when she lies with her head on the raised pillow of my belly, and I think it’s wonderful.  I love this part of pregnancy.

The first trimester?  It sucked each and every day.  Didn’t help that every single week it felt like I was looking forward to a new anniversary of loss and horror.  Didn’t help that I was bleeding fairly profusely for the first 11 weeks.  Didn’t help that my morning sickness was negligible, or that the steroids and the progesterone had my brain doing cartwheels in the wee hours of the night so I was always sleep-deprived.

And the beginning of the second trimester wasn’t that great either.  I just felt fat and like a sucker for believing that I could possibly get a happy ending to this whole adventure.  Getting access to a doppler helped some, but it was still one of those “Take it on faith, I’m really pregnant.  I promise I am.  Really.”  feelings.  Some days it was hard to convince myself of the truth of those statements.

But since about week 18?  Belly’s obviously a baby belly & not a donut belly.  Movement is definitely baby jumping around in there and not gas.  This last week, when it’s gotten so I can feel the little guy bopping around at the same time each day?  This is the best.  He’s responding to things, for heaven’s sake – noises and me being startled by the dog.  It’s like he’s right here.  Right here.  Not ‘gonna be here in three or four months’ but here already, just waiting to be done baking.

My ticker says 120 days now, and I hope to keep him in there for every one of those 120 days.  But still, we’re talking less than 4 months, now.  We’re talking way more than halfway there.  We’re talking about a baby, not an embryo, not a fetus.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 24th week.  Viability-week for those of us who obsessively count down to these sorts of milestones.  Like me.  16 weeks left of standing in line for this E-ticket ride.  I want to be there, at the front of the line NOW, but at the same time?  This is great.  This moment, with one hand on my belly and a stupid smile on my face every time he moves is just fantastic.  Wow.  So this is what bliss feels like?

13 comments to Movement. Bliss.

  • julie

    Congratulations on reaching 24 weeks tomorrow. I remember feeling quite a bit of relief on hitting that mark… I’m about a month ahead of you- tomorrow marks 29 weeks for me. May both of our little guys stay put for many for weeks for healthy deliveies :-)

  • Pie

    YAY! Just great, I’m grinning ear to ear for you. It’s very nice to read you feeling happy and not freaked out. You deserve every blissful moment. :)

  • I didn’t trust that I’d get a real, take-home baby until I had LG in my arms. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this time with Thor!

  • LOVE IT.
    Love hearing you revel, and dare I say, believe it to be true???
    HOT DAMN and BIG BLISS. I am so happy for you!

  • PJ

    I am so friggin’ happy for you!!!

  • I’ve been reading along now for ages, and had to comment today. I’m SO happy for you. Feeling the movement was my favorite part of pregnancy, and I sort of miss it, in a weird way. I haven’t gone through the infertility heartaches you have, so I can’t commiserate there, exactly. My first and third pregnancies became early miscarriages, and when my fourth pregnancy seemed to be false (they couldn’t find a heartbeat at my first ultrasound) I decided I couldn’t go through it again. I had another ultrasound a week later, just to be sure, and this time there was a heartbeat. My future daughter had been hiding, apparently. Today’s her sixth birthday. Enjoy every second of that movement – it’s such an incredibly and awesome experience. I’m so very, very happy for you right now. And just wait til Thor is so big he’s making your belly look like you’ve got whales surfacing under your clothes. Now THAT is fun! Happy Viability Day (tomorrow) to you all. :)

  • So, so happy for you. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it when I reached the 24 week mark. I was still sick as a dog, but something about “viability week” that makes a neurotic lady take a deep sigh of relief! 😀 I’m so happy that you see movement…on Jayne’s note: near the end of the pregnancy, one of the boys would kick so that my left boob would move. This always seemed to happen when I was talking to someone!

  • Yay!!! I love, love, love it!!! Just the other day I missed being pregnant ONLY for those times that they would move!

  • Kate

    Congrats on 24 weeks. Just wait for the baby hiccups and rib-kicks. I especially enjoyed when I could rell it was a foot moving along my right upper quadrant, or a punch in the lower left.

  • I love this post! And you pinned it right on. I love every second of this pregnancy so much that at times I never want it to end, but at the same time can’t wait to meet my little one. I just try to enjoy every kick and wiggle!

  • K

    *tap tap tappity tap* <– that's me doing a happy dance for you! YAY for viability and for you getting ever so close to baby Thor!

    (Random aside, I was flipping channels and on General Hospital (I swear I don't watch it!) as I was about to switch one of the ladies on the show walked up to a little boy in a polo outfit about to ride a horse and said, "now THOR, really! Behave yourself" Apparently its a name for the highly privileged. . . and- its an actual name- who knew?)

    Susan Reply:

    Ok, so THAT’s just scary. Polo outfit? Scary-spoiled-brat-on-a-horse?

    Of course, the obvious comeback, if accused of nicknaming my unborn son after some soap-opera character would be “well, MY Thor is named after a Norse god.”

    Which isn’t actually something to brag about, perhaps…