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Impatiently Waiting

So the closest I can come to describing how impatient I am, how eager to move on to Labor!  Delivery!  Baby! is to say, “remember when you were six, and it was 4:30 in the morning on Christmas morning, and you thought the next 2 & 1/2 hours would NEVER pass until you were allowed to wake up your mom & dad?  it’s like that, only, um, worse.”

Every hour encompasses days of real life.  And every day?  Let’s just say that I’ve officially been pregnant for well over three years since September 1.

Seriously.  I obsess over the fact that I got my first pimple in months yesterday.  What’s that on the toilet paper?  Discharge?  Yes?  Please?  Honestly, people, they should make a pee-stick for this.  Someone’s missing out on a fortune.

I’ve done every online quiz with a title something like:  “Will your labor begin soon?”

I’ve read birth stories til I’m considering applying for doula licensure in the state of NY.  Surely, reading birth stories ought to count at least as much as actually witnessing live births, eh?

I’ve packed and repacked my hospital bag and Henry’s.  I’ve listened to my Hypnobabies CDs until I fall into a deeply relaxed state just by hearing my MP3 player kick in.

I’m ready.  (No I’m not.)  Yes I am.

Yes, I really am.

13 days.



Seems that my boring, non-partying ways are awfully confusing to my SDs.  On the way to the airport, youngest SD asked her father if there had been a baby shower that she hadn’t been invited to.  He reassured her that the only shower I’d had was thrown for me by my co-workers at the library.  Since she’d already made a point of asking to be notified as soon as possible once Henry was on his way/here, I was only slightly saddened that she even thought for a moment that I’d leave her out of that, and decided to be more encouraged that she so much wanted to be a part of it that she’d raise the subject with her dad.

And then last night, I got an interesting phone call.  Well, I eavesdropped on & then inserted myself into an interesting phone call.  From the eldest SD.  Who heard, from our upstairs tenant, that I’d had a baby shower the night before.

To which she obviously wasn’t invited.

Turns out that because both my friends who came over the previous night were let into the building by our tenants – who just happened to be getting home at the same time – and since it was obvious that these were strangers who’d never been here before.  And since it’s obvious that I’m about to pop, our tenants (who went to school with eldest SD) just made the obvious assumption and then called Eldest SD to ask if she wanted to hang out with them when she was done with the baby shower.

Which she thought I didn’t invite her to.

I am glad she called, though sorry she was so upset – glad she got to hear that of course she would have been invited if there was a shower, but knowing me, did she really think I was going to have one?  I’m not the party type, and don’t actually enjoy being the center of attention.   But glad she called.  Think how awful if she’d just gone on assuming that she was being deliberately left out of her brother’s birth celebrations?  While on the phone, she emphasized that she wants to know when I go into labor, wants updates from the hospital, can’t wait to meet Henry, and is totally on board and wanting to be a part of all this baby stuff. I reassured her that we want her there, want her to be a big part of her new brother’s life, hell – that she’s welcome at the hospital if she wants to be there.

So that’s settled, and I think everything is going to be just fine between Henry and his grown-up sisters.

And that makes me happier than I can say.



So, the Boy’s going out to his beach club to time swimming races on Sunday – about 25 miles (about 1 hour by car, and maybe 2 hours by bike) from home – and didn’t see why I thought it might be a better idea for him to drive, than to ride his bike out there, and have to wait for one of his daughters to arrive mid-afternoon to give him a ride home.

He also asked how Ben was doing.  Repeatedly.  (I’m thinking there’s a good chance that Thor’s official name is going to be Henry, but everyone’s going to call him Ben.  That’s not such a stretch, is it?  Perhaps we could go with ‘Benry’.)


I’m feeling antsy today, but not particularly up for much.  My foot really enjoyed the last 2 days of taking it pretty easy, but I can feel it this morning, thanks to yesterday’s trek to the grocery store.  Wondering if it’s worth going out into the world, or if I should just keep my feet up and resign myself to living the life of a total slug for the next 2 weeks.

Yeah, maybe.

5 comments to Impatiently Waiting

  • PJ

    You are sooooooooo so close! I’m so excited for you!

  • Em

    I’m excited for you! (And for me too since I’m 2 days behind you.) But this waiting is AWFUL!! Not to mention that my doctor told me Thursday that my cervix isn’t making any progress at all!

  • Em

    Also, great that the SDs are so on board with Henry coming now. Awesome news!

  • Rebecca

    Oh, man. It’s so hard at the end both because you just want the discomfort to be over and because you want to meet your baby. I was 6 days overdue when I finally went into labor. By week 39 (and once I’d scheduled an induction for 41 weeks), I just kept repeating to myself: I will not be pregnant in 14 days, in 13 days, etc. It helped. But I did end up having to wait until 2 days before that induction. Grrr.

    Get yourself a nice bottle of Italian wine reminiscent of your trip and have a glass whilst floating in the bath. Maybe some candles.

  • p

    i’ve told you about my ivf baby girl who showed up FOURTEEN DAYS LATE. Just remember: you won’t be pregnant nearly as long as I was :) almost done! you’re doing a great job for Henry!