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Labor Day. Don’t I Wish!

So is it very wrong that I think it would be hilarious to go into labor today?

Yeah, I’m easy to amuse.  What of it?

I’m also bored.  Bored & antsy.  I’m ready to start this thing, get going, let’s have at it and BEGIN ALREADY.

And no one’s listening.  My husband laughs and says it can’t be long now because I’m crankier than usual (which is nonsense, he’s just being so much more irritating!)  11 days – how can I be impatient for these last 11 days to be over – after everything we’ve been through, shouldn’t I be enjoying this last break, this reprieve from real life?


The change in the weather has me already feeling all nostalgic and slightly off my game; I had my first real bout with “oh god, what have i gotten myself into?  i don’t know nothin’ ’bout raisin’ no babies!” last night.  Truth to tell, I’m surprised it took this long to get into the serious self-doubt phase of things, because really, that’s something I’m usually pretty good at.  But I talked myself off that ledge (with a little bit of help from ice cream) and I hope to deal with the existential terror as it comes & not let it build up again like I did yesterday.

And to that end, it would be really helpful if I could maybe go into labor today.  By way of distraction, you know.

Come on, Labor Day!

4 comments to Labor Day. Don’t I Wish!

  • I was born on Labor Day, lol.

    Okay- feel free to virtually slap me for this assvice, particularly since I KNOW how annoying these final days are- but-

    If I had it to do over again I would appreciate this sacred time for what it is. Its the last of couplehood for you and your husband. Its the last of a particular time in your life. And all too soon things will change for the better ofcourse, but this time- these last few days, they’re pretty special too. Hit up your favorite cafes, restaurants, see a movie in the theaters, go somewhere you could never take a baby.

    Almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kickernik

    11 days til your due date… 11 days til my beta. Sigh… 11 days is a long way away. Keeping everything crossed that you go into labor very soon.

  • I found that making a hair or waxing appt in the final weeks was a guarantee of labour starting – kinda like the new white sheets and a period. Might be worth a shot!

  • I was hoping that today would be The Day, but you know, there are still a few hours until midnight, maybe some spicy food, some romance, and some time on the bouncy ball?