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High and Mostly Closed

Ok, first off, when your doctor and hospital are both on the ‘L’ line on the NYC subway system, and when that line – which is the only line that serves the area at all – goes kerflooey, it really fucks up one’s travel plans in the city.

Also fucks up the staffing situation at both places.  The sonogram unit at the hospital was still locked a half hour after my appointment was supposed to begin.  Not a really big deal, except there’s nowhere to sit outside of the unit.  I started to get an ocular migraine – what my husband calls ‘sparkles’ and was so very relieved to be brought back to the NST room almost immediately upon entry, since it meant sitting in a big cushy chair with my feet up for half an hour.


Baby Thor was inactive – as is usual for him early in the morning.  So they buzzed him.  Which he hates.  A few minutes later, someone in the next room started what sounded like a minor construction project – some machinery – sounded like a jigsaw – made a buzzing sound that came through the walls.  My clever son started jumping all over the place in response to that sound, too.  Better yet?  I tried to calm him down a bit by rubbing his feet.  And it worked.  I calmed down my irritated son.  How cool is that?

On the not-so-cool side of things, it’s Rosh Hoshannah, and there were no doctors on the sonogram unit today, so instead I got a tech who was sullen and refused to send my results on to my OB since there wasn’t a doctor to sign off on them.  Seriously, people, find a freaking doctor and have them ok the results?  I’m at 39+ weeks, and MY doctor is going on vacation tomorrow – I’d actually really like for him to have these growth results before he’s unreachable!

As best I could tell – for again, the tech was surly – Henry’s head is measuring in the 94th percentile, his abdomen in the 84th, and his limbs in the 65% – 75%.  He’s weighing about 7.5#, which is good (though not if he stays in for another 3 weeks!)

At my OB’s I was able to get in right away, despite them having to double book me because of SuperStar’s upcoming holiday.  They finished up my FMLA paperwork, and I was able to drop off all the bleach-bottles filled with needles & syringes I’ve been hoarding for about a year now.  SuperStar did an internal – ouch! – and pronounced my cervix ‘high & mostly closed’ though he was pleased to hear I’ve been having random contractions.  I asked him what his policy was on overdue babies, and he said that since I’ve been so healthy, low BP, no protein in the urine, etc., that he’d let me go as much as two weeks past my due date before inducing, though they’d start keeping a wicked-close eye on me after my due date and go immediately to induction/emergency C if there was any sign of a problem. But otherwise – two weeks.   Two weeks from NEXT Saturday.  Which would be, like, October.

Which is good, right?  I mean, my brain says that’s good.  My brain says that I want this baby to come out when he’s ready, that I really don’t want to be artificially induced, since it ups the chances of a c-section so dramatically – not to mention the fact that it’s apparently much more painful dealing with pitocin-induced contractions than with naturally progressing ones, and I’d like to avoid an epidural, as well.   I like that SuperStar is anti-intervention, particularly since he is a high risk OB in a town where women get induced far too often.

But still – three more weeks?  It could be THREE MORE WEEKS?  Oh my heck.  I’m simply not sure I can do that.  Sorry.  I don’t think it’s actually possible.  Sorry!  Of course, if Henry arrives two weeks late, then my folks could be here for the birth – lucky them!  Getting to spend part of their NYC vacation hanging out in Beth Israel’s waiting rooms! (though I’m sure they wouldn’t mind getting to be in the first round of ‘meet the baby’ relations!)  And it wouldn’t be the worst thing for the weather to start cooling off before the baby’s here – even a vague possibility of SIDS scares me, and our basement is on the warmish-side these days even with the a/c on.

But three weeks?  Give me strength, give me patience, and please, someone, have a margarita waiting for me after delivery?

5 comments to High and Mostly Closed

  • What a smart boy! Okay, Henry, you hang out where you are through the weekend. Mama, I think every new mom worries about SIDS. It will be okay. Breath through the fear. It will all be okay. Overwhelming, but okay. Actually, way better than okay! :-) Can you tell I love this mom gig?

  • Cat

    That’s VERY cool that you could calm him like that! See, no worries about how you’ll do as a parent. You’ll be great! Just trust your instincts. Get some ideas from friends and family, read a few books, but above all just trust yourself.

  • Paula

    In the home stretch! I know you’re ready for him to be here! I’m eagerly following to see how you’re both doing, and can’t wait to read that he’s made his debut. Try not to freak out over the weight thing; the most accurate ultrasounds can be off by more than a pound. Both my nephew’s and my son’s weights were estimated the day they were born at over a pound more than their actual weight (and considering that my son’s was estimated at 9 lbs 2 ozs I was very glad!).

    Hang in there, and try to enjoy the rest of your wait–it won’t be long before you’ll have forgotten what it’s like to sleep according to your own whims!


  • Sounds like one of those MORE TEQUILA, less lime kinds of post-delivery situations ;-). Hang in there.

  • I have been induced once and gone into labour myself twice. The induced labour wasn’t much more painful than the non-induced once it got going. The difference was that in the induction I went from a standing start into full on labour in an hour whereas there was more of a buildup with labour two – although not much given it was over and done with in 6 hours.

    Are you starting a program of all those old wive’s tales activities to get labour going? I favoured long uphill walks and exceedingly spicy foods plus you know what myself.