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A good and sweet year to everyone…

New Year’s Day, this year, was two days after transfer.  I couldn’t drink because – hey! PUPO!, but after the previous two years, I also wasn’t all that optimistic that I choosing not to get sloshed for a good reason.  So “Happy New Year!” – sure, I was hoping – in the very same way that one hopes to win the lottery.  Sure would be nice if…

Lunar New Year fell during a time when this pregnancy did not necessarily seem fated to continue.  I was spotting – hah – I was bleeding, and HAD been bleeding for weeks at that point.  I threw myself into the making of a tiger-themed stroller blanket as a magical way of giving my little one the tenacious strength of their birth-year animal.  Which worked, but it still wasn’t a comfortable holiday for me.

Today (well, actually last night) marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year.  Also celebrated on a lunar calendar, this year it almost coincides with the end of Ramadan, Eid al-fitr.  I’m not Jewish, nor am I Muslim, but I’m waiting to begin a new life (any day now!) so I’m rather pleased that all of us who live in a multi-cultural world have two holidays of new beginnings and good wishes going on around us this week. It bodes well for my son’s life that he’s already being wished sweetness and goodness and blessings in this last week (or three!) before he’s born.

A good and sweet year to everyone who starts counting today as the first day of a new year; and while we’re on the subject, a blessed & joyful Eid to everyone for whom the fasting month just ended.  And for the rest of us?  Let’s just have ourselves a better year than last year, eh?  Good, sweet blessings to everyone, and a happy new year.

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