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Feeling just kind of off today.  A little sick – though that could just be heartburn-y remains of yesterday’s futile struggle to keep down the yummy (but way onion-y) gazpacho served at lunch.  And I’ve got a headache.  And I can’t concentrate for shit.  And.  And.

And I’m pregnant, and tired of being pregnant, and ready to have this baby and not be pregnant anymore.

Can I fit any more whining into a single sentence?

I also learned that according to an up-to-the-moment popular baby names database, Henry is the number one name right now, even though it was only in the top 75 in 2009 (which is the figure I based our ‘not so popular that we don’t want to use it’ decision on).  This sucks.  I was so happy to have found an old-fashioned name that had somehow escaped the faddishness that is old-fashioned names right now.  Guess he’s going to be one of 75 Henrys in his class, though.  Grrrr.

Not that it matters, because he’s going to still be waiting to be born when he’s 18 years old.

D0n’t want to go stand in line to vote.

Want to have a baby.


Cranky-Sprogblogger, signing off.

15 comments to Cranky

  • I am sorry that you are cranky but you well within your rights to be. I suppose the fact that first pregnancies tend to go l-o-n-g, past one’s due date, is not something I should mention right now? :)

    If it makes you feel any better, and not that it would, I have now had 6 “Live Chats” with customer service reps over a plumbing order that I placed back in JULY and I’m currently chatting now to no resolve WHILE on hold on the phone with the Kaiser pharmacy and am going on 10 minutes there.

    My customer service hell does not compare in any way to being near 10 months pregnant and cranky, but I thought it might bring some levity.

    Oh, and my son is refusing to nap and HE is making ME pay for his decision.

  • Marie

    Hey there, if it helps, that article says those are the most popular names people are curious about – I guess researching. But if you look at the link to the list of most popular boys names from social security – then Henry is at 71! So, that’s good right? Not very popular! YAY!

    I don’t post very often, but I do read you every day and I hope these last days for you are peaceful ones and soon enough you will be holding your sweet little Henry. Best wishes for an uneventful delivery!

  • Ignore that list if I were you – it has Atticus at no 10 and I am pretty sure it isn’t even in the top 10 names in a we give our kids funky names neighbourhood.
    Hope that the crankiness is a sign of impending action.

  • Em

    Cranky here too…I feel your pain. This waiting stinks.

  • Tam

    I love the name Henry, but we didn’t like the way it went with the last name, so we went with Frederick (Freddie for short). Very old-timey and, according to , has been declining in popularity since the ’40s (#536 in 2009). One might suggest that’s a bad sign, and I will admit some people think this name reminds them of their crazy uncle, but usually we get a good reaction (of course, what are people going to say?). We like it because it’s well-known, totally spellable, and, in our opinion, a classic. And super cute for a little kid. Plus he’s now a member of the Fred Society (–what could be cooler?

    Anyway, hang in there. Freddie was born 12 days late–the day before I was supposed to be induced, in fact. And he turned out perfect. :)

    Tam Reply:

    I feel beyond annoyed with myself for posting such a self-centered comment. Just dropped the kid off at daycare for the first time this week–feeling emotional about him. Forgive me.

    Absolutely love Henry. And he’ll be here soon enough, I promise.

  • Tamar

    Feeling “off” sometimes signals the very beginnings of labor. Feel better!

  • PJ

    I was SOOOOO ready to give birth even at 37 weeks, so I’m sure you’re over it! Seriously, pregnancy is HARD!

    I can’t wait to hear about your first moments, days, weeks as a mom. It’s really something magical.

    Henry’s a great name. In all of my years of teaching, I’ve never had a Henry. I don’t think it’s as common as you may think.

  • I was unexpectedly cranky and just feeling “off” the day I went into labor. I’m just sayin’… 😉

  • Muriel

    Patience grasshopper! No – i n=nowits crazy! But Henry will decidewhen its right to come and stay. There is no right name or time- the time will be perfect for you and Henry. I now- I am way past this but know that what ever the time it is right. know for most of us that want to plan that this hurts but …..

  • Oh no! I thought we were the only smart ones. 😉 Oh well. It’s still a gorgeous name and your gorgeous boy will be here soon! Hang in there.

  • Rose

    Ohhh… being sick could very well be a good sign! The day before I went into labor with my daughter I felt like I was coming down with the flu.

    Can’t wait to hear how the dr appt went. I’m keeping everything crossed that you’re dilating and effacing.

  • Em

    I remember the last days as living hell. 40 pounds of edema – swelling in places that I really REALLY didn’t know could swell like that.
    Everyone told me to relax and enjoy the last few days yada yada. It isn’t fun. But, the longer he’s in there the healthier he will out here.

    I love the name Henry by the way.

  • Sue

    I agree that cranky can mean active labor is imminent. I felt like crap the last two days before my cervix suddenly went from closed to 4cm with my twins in May. I named the boy Henry and, at least here in your home state, it is not that common yet. Hopefully, they will be a year or two ahead of the 75 Henrys per class. Good luck with the wait!

  • Monique

    Wow, We named our son Henry in 2008 and we did it for much the same reasons as you!! How annoying! Guess it shows how names like clothes move in trends. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.