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Days of Grace 12-9-10

1.  In buying my WW membership yesterday, I recalled that my insurance offered discounts for some gym memberships, etc.  Went to the site & sure enough, $10 off a 3-month WW membership.   Not only that, but I saved a $65 shipping charge on the Boy’s big Christmas present by shopping around til I found an online coupon.  Frugality, thy new name is ‘Sprogblogger’!

2.  Trying my first loaf of ‘Bread in 5 minutes a Day’ bread.  Am very excited.  Will let you know how it turns out.

3.  In keeping with my stated goal of letting this become more of an ‘all-around me’ blog, rather than just the IF me blog it’s been to date, I found a widget for keeping track of books that I’m reading on the blog.  And if you want to buy my husband’s books (S.C. Butler), I’d be happy to get him to sign them for you!

4.  Every year, my father-in-law gives me one of those 6-months-of-flower-bulbs subscriptions.  My first month just came and is sitting on the kitchen table, making me happy every time I see it.  Something about watching a new crop of flowers grow every month that it’s cold out just cheers me up immensely.  Thanks, FIL!

5.  The Boy is really wonderful about taking over from me when I get exasperated.  The Wee One was at his most imperious yesterday, fussing unless he was being walked.  Not just held, but walked.  I got tired.  The kid weighs about 17 pounds right now, and he’s a serious armful for me.  Especially when a hard day follows a rough night.  But the Boy came through and dandled him for a couple of hours so I could walk the dog (I was more excited to be out in the cold than she was) and cook dinner leisurely.  Love.  This.  Man.

4 comments to Days of Grace 12-9-10

  • 1) I just quit WW because they have a new plan and I dont understand it. Unlimited fruits and still lose weight? I could eat fruit and nothing but fruit all day and I HAVE gained weight doing so. Curious how you like the new system as you dive in. Best of luck though! I am doing sparkspeople now which is free and basically a calorie counting system.

    2) Your husband is an author?!?!!?! I feel like gushing! WOWOW (Okay I guess I -am- gushing). Any tips he has on discipling oneself, etc? That is so cool. [reigning in inner 15 year old NOW]

    Susan Reply:

    Yeah, I’m not much for eating fruit myself – veggies, I can’t get enough of, but most fruit, especially WINTER fruit, leaves me cold. I’ll definitely update once I’ve been on it long enough to tell if it’s working.

    And yes, he’s an author – it’s how we met, in fact, I helped him edit his first book. His method of self-discipline is basically “butt-in-chair” He sets a daily quota of words, and unless something pressing comes up, he stays in his office all afternoon (he works the stock market in the mornings – writing really doesn’t pay the rent!) until those words are on the paper. He takes the weekends off, as well as holidays – basically treats it like a bank job.

    Oh yeah, and he plays a lot of Civ.

  • Wow- very very cool. I’m trying to get into the habit- at this point I’ve gotten to the point if I don’t at least write SOMETHING each day- I feel uncomfortable- but hoping I can go for increasingly longer stretches when I have the time and not getting sucked into distracting myself on the internet. Since I know you’re planning to expand this blog from IF and ore about the whole person you are, I’d love hearing more about your own writing, how its coming, how you stay motivated!

  • Cat

    Yes, please report on the bread! I actually just bought that book for my sister’s boyfriend for Christmas. It sounded pretty good. Definitely an interesting idea to only spend five minutes on something that’s usually so time consuming.