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Days of Grace 12-12-10

1. Happy smiling baby haranguing Blinky Star as I type. Oooops. Shouldn’t have said that. Cranky, whiny baby demanding to rescued from evil Blinky Star now sitting on my lap & having breakfast. Ah well. “baby” is the key word in this item anyway.

2. He was great during yesterday’s great adventure to the Realm of Pain. He smiled at the right people & hid his face from the princess. Always knew the kid was a genius.

3. Rain today, which sort of bolluxes up the plan to get a Christmas tree today, but does make indoors feel doubly appealing, which is always nice.

4. Henry, I think, is left handed. He uses his right had as a bludgeoning tool to express displeasure or frustration, but not for detail work. I don’t know why it delights me so to realize he has a favorite hand, but it does. My kid’s left-handed!

5. And, a video that had me rolling around and laughing last night, via Aisha’s twitter amalgamation:

I don’t know if anyone out there is a writer, but oh my, this guy rings true. And therefore hilarious. I’ve been in more workshops & writer groups than I can count, and there’s always someone convinced he is a genius and the exception to all rules…

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