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Days of Grace 12-14-10

1.  Although we haven’t yet decorated the tree, it’s dominating the living room (the Boy likes really tall trees!) and making the house smell joyous and wintery.  Love Christmas trees!

2.  Snow!  Woke up to a good inch on the ground!  It’s mostly melted, but it was here!

3.  Henry’s fingernails are finally substantial enough that I can clip them instead of filing them.  His poor scratched up face will thank me, as will the outer regions of my boob.

4.  Henry slept without his swaddle last night.  Hurrah!  It makes it so much easier for him to stay sleepy when we don’t have to go through the burrito-ing ritual first!

5.  Got most of my xmas cards addressed, and all of my gifts wrapped which have already arrived.  Waiting on a few, but I’m mostly – well, except for the baking – done.  Hurrah!

3 comments to Days of Grace 12-14-10

  • We have not decorated our tree yet, either. And, this morning, I was admiring the beauty of the tree and thought about not decorating it at all. Of course, with a youngster at home, I won’t do that, but if it were just me, I might leave it. Thank goodness it’s not just me!

  • Heather

    Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to post. So often when people have babies they stop their blogs. I really enjoy your posts and am so happy that things have turned out so well for you.

  • Just popping by because I did not see a DOG from your today, which, for whatever reason (likely because there is always a DOG, made me a wee bit concerned. Hope all is well in your corner of the world and perhaps I missed that you’d be “off” today.