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Days of Grace 12-17-10

1.  After a day of good, long (enforced!) naps yesterday, Henry rewarded me by being the smiliest, laughingest baby ever for about 4 hours last night.  Of course, he didn’t want to stop even at midnight, when I’d had enough smiling & laughing (having given those activities over for non-stop yawning) and he wanted to continue the fun at about 2am, but still – smiley laughing baby?  For hours on end?  Muy fun.

2.  The dog hasn’t left the house for days.  Squirrels bore her when it’s 25* out there.  This is only a good thing because mornings are so hectic that having a dog who’s frantic for a walk is just one more thing to get done, so it’s nice to get a break, since I know she’ll be nuts for her ‘Ws’ again in another few months.

3.  It looks like we were blessed with another easy milestone.  Henry cut his first tooth last night, and I’d really expected it to be an ordeal – I think he’s so interested in his ‘new’ hands & his new rolling mobility, that the discomfort from teeth coming in has just been subsumed by the general levels of excitement.  Now, off to buy him a teething ring!

4.  Package for my folks’ xmas is packed & ready to be mailed.  Whew.  Might even make it there by xmas…

5.  Every day, I continue to marvel at the fact that this is my life now.  I get to stay here all day and watch/help my baby grow up.  I get to play with him and comfort him and cook for my husband and play with my dog.  I got used to being so unhappy at my job, trying so desperately to have a baby, and now that I’m here?  Every moment feels blissful & almost unreal, like it’s some kind of perfect world that I’ll wake up from and it’ll be gone.  But it’s not – it’s my life, and I’m loving every minute of it – even the hard minutes.  I am so blessed.

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