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Days of Grace 1-6-11

1.  Oh my lord.  Teething.  This is what they mean by teething.  Why that first tooth was so – relatively – easy is beyond me, but we’re paying for it now.  Henry is cranky.  And fussy.  And it’s not helping that he’s a bit snotty, too; or that I think he’s fending off his very first case of diaper rash (what’s up with all of a sudden one of my boxes of pampers is scented?  I’m sure that’s the difference, and if he’s anything like me or his dad, enough to make his skin itch & break out.  Don’t want my baby’s butt smelling like plastic flowers, thank you very much…)  But the tooth seems to be making noticeable progress, and it didn’t interfere too much with Henry enjoying his big sister’s company.  They cooed (and occasionally roared!) at each other for a few hours last night and this morning, and I think he’s looking forward to seeing her on Monday at least as much as she is.  I think they’re going to be close their whole lives, and I’m so happy – despite the big difference in their ages – that he’ll have a real ‘big sister’ who thinks of him as a brother & not as a baby she wishes was hers.

2.  Bertucci’s pizza.  And rolls.  Because ricotta on a pizza?  Yum.

3.  Henry’s response to kisses is to open his mouth wide.  I think he likes the way a big ‘smack’ sounds with his mouth as an echoing chamber?  It’s funny, for whatever reason he’s doing it!  Awfully cute, in a drooly baby kind of way!

4.  We’re buying a printer today so I can print out shipping labels so I can get rid of all the books I’ve stacked on the floor of the library.  Assuming the Cranky One allows me so much time away from the all-consuming job of holding him.

5.  It’s de-lurking week.  What say you’all give me a thrill and leave a comment to introduce yourself?  It’d make my day, and if you do (or even if you don’t, I suppose), then you can look at this:

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