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Full Mobility (OMG!) and a Return to Babbling

So two days ago, Henry decided he’d had enough of the inglorious commando crawl and that this back&forthing big-boy crawl couldn’t be that difficult–(plus it would let him get into rooms where the high threshold and his tummy were not compatible.)  So he picked himself up off the floor and crawled across it.

In, like, 3 seconds.

And all of a sudden I really appreciate the difference between having a creeper and having a crawler.  Holy lord, the kid is fast.  And into everything. Three days ago, if I put him down in one room, I could turn my back to take a dish to the sink and he’d still be in that one room – possibly in the middle instead of at the edge, but still pretty much where I left him.  Yesterday I lost track of the baby for the first time.  Put him down in one room, walked to the next room, turned around and where is he? He was happily playing on his back–in a different room.  Made me happy I did the outlet check a couple of weeks ago, though I think all our DVDs and books on low shelves need to get moved, and it’s time to move up that handyman appointment.  Bookshelves need to be anchored into the wall NOW.

Because along with the crawling, Henry’s taken to standing up in his crib when he’s ready to get up.  Cool! Because I have developed a supreme dislike of picking up a 25# baby from only a few inches off the floor (Damn our IKEA crib!  I love it, but does it have to be so low?) But, of course, not so cool when you consider that he doesn’t know how to lie back down yet, and so requires assistance a few times a night when he wakes up with no idea how he came to be standing in a dark room, wide awake…

The unmitigated good side to all this is that the day he first figured out The Crawl, The Babbling came back with a vengeance.  He’s still not mixing up too many consonant/vowel combinations, but he’s chatting to himself and to anyone within range almost all day long now.  Baby’s not a multi-tasker, but he’s pretty determined and dogged in his attempts to make sense of the world.

And since I just looked over and he’s pulling himself up the kitchen staircase, I think I need to close some doors and baby gates now.  And have another cup of coffee.  He just found the route to the great outdoors…



4 comments to Full Mobility (OMG!) and a Return to Babbling

  • Now you really need to keep your eyes on him. Honestly, you will be surprised how many things he can do – that did not even crossed your mind. 😉 Fun times indeed.

  • This is still one of the milestones where the change to one’s life cannot effectively be communicated in words. Welcome to hyper vigilance :)

  • P

    Welcome to the 5 second brain loop… Where is he and what is he doing?

  • PJ

    Right there with ya! Except… times two. :) We need to attach the TV to the wall somehow.

    It just about kills me to put mine down at the bottom of their cribs now. I am short and they are heavy, and it is a LONG way down! Especially when trying not to wake them. Now I understand what the big deal was about drop down sides on cribs.