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Tooth #7 is Here!

I’m very happy to report that tooth number seven made its appearance this morning. Also happy to report that this morning’s nap was textbook easy. Waiting on tooth #8 since I’m sure it’s not far behind since they do seem to come in pairs before I really breathe easily, but yeah, excited for the respite.

And the sleep…


6 comments to Tooth #7 is Here!

  • Pie

    Hooray!! But I gotta say, you make me fearful for my girl to begin teething…I do like my sleep :)

  • We are on tooth #6 and I don’t know why that damn thing WON’T COME THROUGH. It’s like it wants to torture me (oh, and her). Gaaaaah. Here’s hoping H’s #8 is quick and painless! (A mom can hope, anyway.)

  • PJ

    So, I didn’t check Addison’s mouth for a few weeks because… I always kind of feel rude for sticking my finger in there (and have been bad about brushing their teeth, apparently) and like 3 teeth had popped in! She’s on number 9 and Lauren is on number 5.

    Also, are you on I’m on there if you want to follow. I’d love to see what you’ve got.

  • Bravo!

    I hope that sleep is happening in abundance there even as I type this (which means 10:05 PM in your neck o’ the woods).

  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to gloat with a big fat ‘I told you so’. Sleep deprived mothers take anything you give them. :-)
    Now go back to sleep.

  • Mo

    yay for tooth #7!! Yay for some sleep!!