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Small Things 9-7-13

1.  Hen’s OT evaluation went well in that he responded well to the therapist, (mostly) did what she asked, and generally thought that going somewhere to play fun games with nice ladies beat hell out of the other appointments we’ve been to in that hospital!  He was so scared in the car, and I finally winkled it out of him, what he was worried about–he thought that maybe we were going back for more silver nitrate, or maybe having pins put back in (or taken out).  Once I explained in detail just what would probably be happening, he relaxed enough to really make me realize how worried he’d been.  Poor kiddo.

Bad news is that she thinks he should really be doing OT 2ce a week.  Good news is that she thinks the outpatient services at the very nearby rehab hospital will be just fine–saving us 6 hours in the car each week.  So he’s going in for THAT evaluation next week and will, we hope, end up going there instead of Boston for future OT appointments.

2.  The library program for big kids started this week, and it was kind of wonderful.  He was definitely higher energy than the little girls in the program, but since the theme of the week was ‘let’s move!’ it worked out just fine. His full-body response to the librarian’s “Who knows how to move their body?” was emphatic and hilarious and involved much dancing, stomping and spinning.  He had a marvelous time, even when a well-meaning mother sort of harangued him for not holding the parachute tightly enough with both hands when he kept dropping it with his left hand.  (ugh).  But it’s good.  AND it’s a program where, if the kid’s happy & well-settled in, a parent can walk away and go check out books in the adult room.  OMG the luxury!  Someday!

3.  He also started swim classes today, and although I feared the cold water would be a problem, he came through it great.  And then took a 3 hour nap.  And went to bed a bit early.  Tired kiddo.

4.  Wore slippers today.  Drank mint tea.  Noticed that the neighbor’s glorious maple tree is already leaning in to glory–red tipped leaves are already here!  I pulled down the corn stalks.  I harvested gallons of tomatoes–I missed harvesting yesterday in the rush to clean for dinner guests–and generally, it just felt like the beginning of fall.  Wow.  Where did the summer go?  Oh yeah.  Blur of sleepless nights & miserable days.  I remember…

Sort of.

5.  Hen has discovered ‘the concept of the fort’ and no movable furniture in our house is safe from being appropriated and turned into walls.  Afghans make fantastic walls, and cushions spread outside the walls?  Those make up his patio.  I honestly could not walk through his playroom/our TV room today because there was such an elaborate/crazy-wonderful fort adventure going on in there.  And then we went for a walk and he showed me the under-the-tree ‘fort’ that he and daddy discovered on a previous walk–an old pine tree with branches bent down to the ground–a well-trodden path leading into the interior…  Yeah, I think I’m understanding the roots (so to speak) of the current obsession.

But I get it and I’m happy to encourage it.  Forts are fun.  I’m quite sure that my early interest in forts morphed into my later love of building structures, and my still-existent love of small houses, travel trailers, tents, etc.  He could do worse.

Which is also, kind of our motto these days.  He’s using his hand a bit more since the OT appointment.  He still really intensely dislikes being encouraged–however gently–to use it for something specific.  But if he realizes he can do something (like take off his socks) with his left hand, he is very proud.  As are we all.  His moods have improved steadily.  He’s still quick to frustration when he’s tired or hungry, but breakdowns aren’t everyday occurrences anymore, and for that I am very very grateful.

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