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Small Things 9-16-13

1. Hen woke up sobbing last night. He’s had a cold, so when I rushed in, I tried to soothe him: “It’s ok! I know it’s scary when you cough and wake up, but it’s ok!”

“No mommy. I was reading The Best Word Book Ever to Real but all the words were gone!” (TBWBE is a Richard Scarry picture ‘dictionary’ that Hen adores.). And so it looks like we’ve certainly instilled a love of books, but now they’re figuring in the kiddo’s general anxiety dreams. Not so great. (But also pretty funny, I thought).

2. Hen’s first actual OT appointment was there–first appointment without mom in the room.  And he did…great.  No problem.  He went with her, did what he was asked to do, came back, told me all about it as we drove home.  So…easy.

And honestly, these next weeks are going to be crazed enough that two 45 minute blocks a week where I can just sit back in the waiting room and read a book?  Much needed break!  So glad I had a new book loaded up on my Kindle from the Brooklyn trip!

3.  When was lovely.  Hen’s cold got better–though he’s still hacking up a storm.  And he slept well.  And we were able to see a friend in Manhattan as well as grandbaby, which was awesome.  Hen got to see his sisters and brothers (in law) and it was good to have a bit of a shake up in our routine, just to shake us out of it a bit.

And we ate yummy Colombian food (well, I did, anyway.  Street stand.) and Italian food, and drank yummy Sicilian wine.  And Henry & I got to enjoy (hah) the subways on a Saturday.  (Much walking, mucho exhausted Henry and therefore mucho exhausted mommy arms…)

And it was good.  Really really good to get home.

4.  This is birthday week.  Birthday on Wednesday.  First day of school on Thursday.  Party on Friday.  Two days of baking.  A sleepless night for Henry Mommy the night before school starts.  (Although, seriously, the kiddo walked off with his therapist today with no problem, and did just great during his appointment.  Maybe I’m worried for nothing!) Party preparation (including much praying for dry warm weather for Saturday, because really, 10 toddlers inside to amuse for 2 or 3 hours?  No thanks!) and then a new routine.  I’m going to wait a week or two to see if my 2 x 3-hour blocks of kid-free time per week magically evaporate, or if I can start my OWN schooltime routine of going to the gym again.  It’s so easy to just get sucked into other stuff, that I want to be realistic about it.  But it would be so very nice to be able to do that a couple of times a week.  Strange to be looking forward to reclaiming a bit of my old life even as I’m mourning the end of our all-mommy/Henry all-the-time time.

5.  Still harvesting tomatoes.  Lots and lots of tomatoes.  I think I’ll try to run a batch of salsa tomorrow with the last straggler Roma tomatoes & see how that works out for me.  My freezer is full, I have such marvelous plans for next year’s garden…we’ll see how that works out!


2 comments to Small Things 9-16-13

  • Pam

    Happy Birthday! My 3.5 year old girl ‘amn’ts’ all over the place and I love it! Our tomatoes continue, as well. Sorry, with school starting and all the transitional craziness I never got back to you about the blackberries. I have no hints for propagation. Please let me know if you have some luck. My big plan is to place an order for 2 different varieties to make the growing season last as long as possible. (Norse catalog) Best wishes for a happy first day of school to you both!