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Small Things 10-3-13

1.  Apple picking field trip at Hen’s school today.  So, tractor ride, apple picking/nibbling, new playground to explore and animals to gawk at made for a happy group of preschoolers today.  Including Hen.  Here’s hoping to more weeks like this one!

2.  Naps, though still very much needed, are seeming to get a bit shorter.  Yikes.  Actually, it will be nice to have a bit more midday freedom, though I’ll miss that time-out in the middle of the day when it disappears–my actual productivity might (might) go up, but then again, it might not.  And my stress levels will certainly go up when I don’t have that bit of alone time in the middle of the day.

3.  A very disappointing harvest–if I can even call it that–of the sweet potatoes.  Granted, it was not an optimal year for sweet potatoes, and I probably planted them out a bit late, and I could have located them better in the garden–but still.  Wow.  Very disappointing for all those vines to have grown from nothing but some straggly roots barely worth calling sweet potatoes.  Of course, I’m Still harvesting tomatoes.  I’m going to go buy some more chiles tomorrow so I can can up another batch of salsa, because, really, I simply can’t stand to let this many tomatoes go to waste.  I’m totally growing this same sauce tomato next year, I just won’t grow half as many of them!  Yikes.

4.  I finished Hen’s quilt, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.  Even more pleased with myself for actually getting it done.  I realized that while I love the finished product, even using a machine to cheat the quilting part, I just don’t enjoy the process enough to make it worthwhile.   Which is a shame since, as I say, I think the finished product is about the coolest thing a person could make for their home.  I did like sewing on the binding.  And I guess I like piecing the bits together.  But really, once the never-ending hand-quilted quilt I’ve been working on for, (honestly) 10 years off&on, is done I do not think I will ever start another one.  Not until I’ve knit everything I’ve ever wanted to knit (which would likely take me approximately 3000 lifetimes…)

5.  Been reading books from the library again, and enjoying myself thoroughly.  Last year was a very little reading year, and it was an odd way to live, entirely in the reality of the moment.  I think I prefer my head in the clouds, somewhere, dreaming of a story when not otherwise occupied.  Nice to have that escape back.

10 comments to Small Things 10-3-13

  • Wait, what? No picture of said quilt? Waaaah!

    Susan Reply:

    I wasn’t trying to be coy–I’ll post on in a couple of days. But Hen wanted it on his bed right away, and he was asleep by the time I had time to post it and…

    I promise, it’s coming!

  • In my experience once the nap truly disappears night sleep lengthens by that amount. I *loved* it when LG stopped napping and started sleeping 12 hrs overnight. We had usable afternoons and I got my nights back.

    gwinne Reply:

    I should add that the stage you’re in, with a fading but not gone nap, I found incredibly challenging…

  • Cat

    What variety of tomato did you plant that you have so much of? I had Romas that did quite well, but the flavor wasn’t anything to write home about.

    I’m knee deep in canning apples in various forms these days. It’s such a chore, but I have to remember how much I love being able to walk down to the basement and bring up food, and also how good it tastes!

    Susan Reply:

    Grande Marzano, I think. The flavor is good, though they took much longer than any of my other tomatoes to ripen. And they’ve been prone to black spots & other discolorations, (which could just be because of the cooler weather in September vs. August, since my others that have had late tomatoes come out have ALSO been prone to discoloration) but honestly, they’ve been so incredibly productive that I’ve been able to be very selective & let the woodchucks have the rest. I’ll look through my records to see what source I bought them from–because really. AMAZING.

  • Melissia

    I second the request for a picture of the quilt. I would love to see it.

  • Aisha

    Naps still happen but are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It is incredibly difficult for me to wean off the nap dependency. That quiet time was always so sacred. Some people I know institute a silent /quiet hour where the kiddo can read and draw and be low key in their room. It doesn’t work here but maybe for you?

    Susan Reply:

    I doubt it, but I certainly intend to try. And then weep when my hopes are dashed!