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Small Things 10-12-13

1.  Canned another batch of salsa today because, damn, the garden is still kicking out tomatoes.  It’s the middle of October, fer cryin’ out loud!  Not really complaining, because I figured while I was at it, I should make another batch of pico de gallo, and then while I was on a roll, I made some guacamole, and then I went all out & bought lard & made flour tortillas.

And our dinner (all that + spicy black beans) was flat-out divine.

2.  We had our library insulated this summer.  When we bought the place we noticed that for all the beautiful woodwork inside the library, the contractors did some bizarro work where it wouldn’t be seen (using upside-down wall insulation for under-the-floor insulation in the crawl space) that basically made the space under the library the perfect nesting area for skunks, raccoons, squirrels, etc. All that lovely fiberglass batting + an area not being used for anything + not inconsiderable amounts of heat coming down from above = perfect winter resting place for stinky critters!  So we had solid insulation installed down below & blew in a few inches of foam in the attic space to see if we could make this giant room a bit more comfortable in the wintertime.  But since it was summer, we sort of didn’t know if it would actually make a difference.

Boy did it ever.  It’s only getting into the 40s, but still, library’s getting warm & staying warm.  Woodstove is having an easier time of it, too, and the cat?  Cat’s never leaving this room again, as far as I can tell.  Yay for insulation, yay for getting to use our favorite room year round instead of just when the weather’s lovely.  And yay for feeling snug instead of cold.  All good things.

3.  Hen napped today–but in the middle of the afternoon instead of late morning.  I think we’re going to be playing it by ear for a while, let him set the pace & decide if it’s a napping day or not.  I can live with that.  I got to go shopping with my grocery buddy at noon–which was s first–he’s always napping by noon.  So that was kind of awesome.  Lots more time to get stuff done if the nap is negotiable.  I think I might like this stage!

4.  He is deep deep deep into ‘pretend’ play, which is a blast to witness/be a part of.  Most conversations now consist of him telling me things he’d like me to pretend–usually things like “Mommy, pretend you’re afraid of ghost-es.”  or “Mommy, pretend you’re afraid of getting your face wet in the swimming pool.”  And then he proceeds to reassure me, ie: teach me how to do whatever it is that’s worrying him at the moment, or scare me.  “Mommy, are you afraid of monsters?”  “No.”  “Will you pretend that you’re afraid of monsters?”  So I will, and sometimes he reassures me and sometimes he becomes a monster and chases me.  Either way, it’s a hoot to see his imagination working like crazy all the time, no matter what else is going on.

5.  When we bought this house, the very small master bedroom had a king-sized, canopied, extremely ornate brass bed.  Which I can only assume the owner couldn’t figure out how to disassemble, because she left it for us to deal with.  Long-time readers might remember that we instantly dubbed it the QE2. We figured we’d sleep on it until we could figure out how to get it the hell out of our bedroom, since the mattress was practically new, but then, during the nights of co-sleeping–the boy, me, the baby, and the whippet–realized we really loved the bed.  At least we loved the way it felt when we stretched out on it, not so much because of the way it looked. So soon after we moved in, I took down the canopy framework.  Because really, too too much.  (She liked shiny a lot, did the nice little old lady we bought from.  This year, we finally got around to replacing the chandelier in the dining room, which used to feature weird brass dragons, flowers painted on china, and lots & lots of beadwork–all of which sounds weird enough to be cool, but it wasn’t.  It was just very very shiny.)

Anyway, I also finally got around to buying a rug for our bedroom, and in trying to maneuver it underneath the enormous, unwieldy brass bed, I was reminded how much I hated its wrap-around brassiness, and its largeness.  So I pulled off the footboard and the wrap-around parts of the headboard and find that I rather like the (comparatively) simple, plain brass headboard.  An enormous king-sized bed doesn’t seem to take up nearly as much room without all that visual furfeleuing, and the room looks cozy now, instead of overwhelmed.  Very nice.

And the rest of the QE2 is now living in various places up in the attic, (right next to the chandelier) where it’ll be the problem of the people we someday sell the house to!  Hahahah!

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