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Small Things 10-28-13

1.  Henry’s puke-fest from last night which I attributed to some rest-stop milk that might have soured, revisited us this morning after his morning milk from our own fridge which I know was fine.  After the yech-episode he felt fine, and ate like a horse, so now I’m left wondering if it was a leftover bit of food poisoning? A sudden onset of lactose intolerance? Desperation to avoid PT that manifested itself as pukyness?

Whatever.  It’s over, it was really disgusting, and I hope it doesn’t come back tomorrow.

Oh, and while we were both standing there, dripping, me trying not to yech from the stink, Hen says in a small voice, “Mommy, I think I need to go find a book to tell us about vomit.”

Um, no, kiddo.  I actually think you have mastered this subject quite comprehensively.

Blech.  A+ little boy.  A+

2.  On a much more upsetting note, my Mattie catty is missing.  And yeah, I’ve done all the things that one does–contacted every animal agency in the state to notify, verified that the microchip place has my correct contact info, spent many many many hours wandering around calling her name, dumped used kitty litter all around the property so she can maybe sniff her way home if the wind brings her a hint of familiar pee smell.

But really, all I can do is wait and worry.  And worry.  And worry.

Damn, I hate this.  I’m still hoping she shows up, but I think no more cats for me.  This is too brutally hard, having just gotten her back to health from her car-encounter, to lose her now (again) is just too much.  My heart can’t lose critters like this anymore.

3.  Laryngitis over the weekend in Brooklyn.  Yay for not having a voice.

Not really.  I dislike laryngitis, which is a shame since it seems to hit me with alarming regularity these days.  If I get sick enough to cough, I will be effectively mute for at least one day.

I’d rather a lost voice than a fever, though, so I shouldn’t complain.

4.  After six months of playing board games with glee whether he won or lost, Hen has realized that he likes winning enough to be a bit pouty when someone else pulls way ahead & looks likely to win.  Which is sort of funny–he’s not being truly sad, but mocking it with slumped shoulders, declarations of woe: “I am SAD, Mommy.” (said in a very earnest tone of voice) and shuffling steps (for the little boy does not sit to play a board game, oh no–he’s running around, dropping in to play each turn.  Except when he’s losing.  Then he shuffles…)

I still won’t cheat for him, but I’ll confess I’m cheering internally every time I get sent back to the beginning of Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders.

5.  Hen was desperate to go grocery shopping with me this morning.  As a result of his usual whininess when it’s shopping day, I’ve taken to doing the weekly shopping while he’s at school.  But this has, apparently, made him realize how much he loves grocery shopping.  How much he longs to help me shop.  How the grocery store is the best place in the world.  Why do you want to come with me, kiddo?

“Because we’re shopping buddies, Mommy!”  What am I going to say to that? No?

To show me how serious he was about wanting to be included in the trip, he didn’t even pop out of the car cart every time I put something in the cart today–usually he’s so bored that he’s trying to ‘help’ me by wanting to be the one to put the groceries in the cart, or to examine every sort of thing we never buy there.  But today, on his best behavior, we got out of there as quick as if I were there alone, which was pretty amazing.

Be really really good, Hen, or I won’t let you come grocery shopping with me next week.


I wonder if I could convince him that bathtub scrubbing is as desirable an activity as grocery shopping.  It’s only a matter of time before I get him to pay me for the privilege of helping me paint a fence somewhere…


If you believe such things, please send good thoughts for the safe return of my kitty, eh?  It’s cold out there tonight.


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  • This made me burst out laughing: “Mommy, I think I need to go find a book to tell us about vomit.” and then I read the next note– I hope she turns up soon :( That is very worrisome, please update when you hear.