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And the cat came back.

At 2am.

Meowing to wake the dead, desperate to be held and cuddled and fussed over (though I did sniff cat food on her breath–she ate before she came upstairs to find us!)

She lay cuddled up with us–rare for her–the whole night long.  She panicked once when my husband came back into the room from checking on Hen, and flung herself across the room before she realized it was all ok.  Then she came back, curled up, went back to sleep.

And she got up with us this morning before coming downstairs to put another huge dent in the cat food supply.  And then she went back upstairs to curl up in her little cat bed & sleep safely.

I had given her up.  I knew if she couldn’t find her way back here in 4 days, that she wouldn’t be able to do it in 5 or 6.  But she did.  Power of good thoughts?  Power of the used cat-litter stink that the rescue folks told me to scatter around the perimeter of our property?  Power of spending most of yesterday out there hollering myself back into laryngitis?

All of the above, I think.  And a lot of luck.

And now I have to go take down some missing cat notices.  And pull some ticks off her.  And call the vet & the NHSPCA.  And edit my craigslist posting.

_DSC0822(Don’t do that again, Mattie, ok?)

6 comments to Whew

  • I left your prior post up and intended to comment but SO glad she found her way back home. Who knows what possesses cats to leave, where they go, and why they decide to come back when the do.

  • Erin

    Welcome home Mattie cat! So glad she is safe.

  • Brooke

    So glad she came home! My kitty did this two years ago and the used litter trick worked like a charm :)

  • Mo

    oh – so so so happy to read this!!! yay!

  • Melissia

    I am so glad that she is home safe! If she is not microchipped, please do that at her next vet appointment. It will not keep her from roaming, but if a good neighbor takes her into the vet or if she ends up at a shelter and gets scanned they will contact you.
    The rate of cats being reunited with their owners at shelters is very very low. I am so glad that she is home.

    Susan Reply:

    Oh, she’s microchipped! All my critters are!