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Small Things 11-4-13

1.  As promised, quilt pictures.












The colors are closer on the photo on the left, but the photo on the left shows his moon map, too!

2.  I’m really getting excited for the holidays this year.  I always like the holiday season, but this year, with a kid who’s excited about Christmas (he wants to give his dad a bundle of firewood–shh! Don’t tell!) I’m practically giddy with anticipation.

3.  My cholesterol actually went down this year, which is awesome, since I’m not in great shape at the moment & I’m genetically predisposed to high levels.  Also, I really like my doctor, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had a GP I actually liked before.

4.  I’m about halfway done with xmas shopping/making, which is good, since I always think I’m getting on top of it, but I still end up scrambling at the last minute.  Still having trouble figuring out what to get for son-in-laws & almost-sons-in-law & boyfriends-in-not-quite-law, but everyone else is pretty much done.  Even the boychild.  Even The Boy.  Whew.

(Perhaps I should just make a tiny little something for everyone on our list…)

(Um, no.  Maybe not.)

5.  One scary, scary ghost for your post-Halloween nostalgia:






Trick or treat!

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