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Small Things 11-5-13

1.  Hen’s sick again, though this time round the asthma drugs seem to be doing what they’re supposed to.  So yay nebulizer!

Also, yay for bribery–we negotiated a deal where 5 no-whining nebulizer treatments will earn him one 99 cent app of his choice. This has been working all week, to keep him motivated to “stop complaining about it already, Hen!  For the love of everything, just stop whining since we have to do it anyway!”

And today’s asthma attack was so readily eased by a breathing treatment that even he noticed the connection.  And 4 hours later, when the wheezing started up again, he was verbally asking for more.  And when I explained that this is why he has to do the breathing treatments even when he feels good–so that the bad breathing times won’t last as long, I think I finally saw that connection kick in for him as well.

And it is amazing watching his breathing ease as he takes that medicine.  Amazing and wonderful.  Man, it’s hard watching him struggle to catch his breath.

Also, yay for You Tube’s never-ending supply of garbage truck videos.  Truly, people–garbage truck videos are where it’s at.  Real videos of garbage trucks doing their thing for hours, videos of guys’ model garbage truck obsessions being played with–it’s all good.  Hen loves them all.  And they’re perfect for nebulizer treatments–reading was just too hard over the noise, and just sitting there with nothing occupying his attention means Henry is desperate to chat, which makes everything harder.

So–bribery + realization that nebulizer is not just some irritating thing mommy dreamed up to thwart his joy + garbage-truck-oriented entertainment = quick end to the wheezing and a happy Hen & Mommy.  Yay!

2.  The insulation project in the library officially worked.  It’s been cold, but with a fire going, it’s perfectly comfortable–even a bit too warm at times.  Last winter, we’d’ve already had to vacate the library on 25* nights.  Hurrah for insulation!

3.  The cat got spooked again last week–again on leaf-blowing day–and was gone overnight.  Coincidentally (or not) her spookiness happened the same day I gave her a worming dose, so she was doubly unhappy with life.  However, the combination seems to have convinced her that outside is a scary, nauseating place, and that she’d just as soon stay inside all winter.

She’s followed me from room to room today, in pursuit of The Lap.  And when the lap’s not available, she just curls up and snoozes until The Lap is available once again.

I am loving this.  Maybe I’ll even be able to keep her alive for another year.

4.  Clam chowder for dinner.  With sourdough bread.  Yum.

5.  Any native or scholarly Japanese speakers out there reading this who’d care to help with a project?  I’m trying to find a list of popular Japanese personal names from the late 1800s.  Apparently Japanese names are even more ‘datable’ than American ones (ie: historically speaking, Mary would work, but Michelle would not for a story set in 1856) and I’m having a heck of a time finding an online resource for this.  It’s just a tiny detail in a story I’m working on, and I’m sure I’ll get lots of other stuff wrong, but it would be nice to get this bit perfect…

3 comments to Small Things 11-5-13

  • Here is our trash truck video:

    Yay for clam chowder with sourdough. YUM!

  • Ann

    If you search Amazon for “garbage truck video” you’ll come up with some winners. My grandson adored this one:
    All About Garbage and Recycling
    And there is a series on “How’d They Build That?” that he had some other titles in, but not this one:
    How’d They Build That? Garbage Truck

    We loved “Trashy Town” a book by Andrea Zimmerman (who also wrote some other great kids’ books Hen would love, like the one called, I think, Digger Man, about excavating).

  • What is it with garbage trucks already? George has a book that he makes his dad read to him every night. I know it by heart just from having listened to it while I get ready for sleep myself…
    Hope Hen is getting better soon. Cold season would be ever so nice if it came without colds though. Hearing your child struggling to breathe sucks.
    Love the quilt. Impressive.