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Small Things 11-8-13

1.  Hen has discovered a new series, and one that I can only object to on literary grounds:  a weird “Jungle Book” animated series that looks like it might have been produced in India, based on the names.  The music is atrocious, the animation is that weird anime-influenced stuff, and the storylines bear only the teensiest hint of resemblance to the actual storylines of Kipling’s stories.

But they’re non-violent (or at least the hunting violence happens off screen), and the stories are mostly about being nice & playing fair, so I can’t really object.

Also?  (And I have to confess I love this)  Hen is adamant that Mowgli is a girl.  I’ve tried explaining every way I can think of that Mowgli is an actual story character–a well known one–and that I promise he is a little boy.  Hen’s having none of it.  His evidence?  Long hair.  Pretty.  High voice.  “She really is a good diver!” He says admiringly.  “He sure is,” I’ll agree.  “Mommy, I know you think she is a boy, but you really ought to trust me on this one.”

Um, ok.  Henry’s trying to bring all his media into gender equality (and, oh, the 21st century), so who am I to correct the impulse?  She’s a seriously awesome diver and I love it when she gets the best of Shere Khan.

Who is totally just cranky because he didn’t get enough sleep last night.

You got it kiddo.

Kids are great.

2.  Oven broke.  Rather dramatically, actually, and not totally unexpectedly.  The heating element did something weird–it’s like it melted? There was a groovy little arc thing going on in there, and when I worked up the nerve to turn it on again, nada.  This isn’t a huge big deal, the oven was ancient, and we knew it would need replacing when we bought the house–there have always been weirdly cold spots in the oven, and the burners don’t work great.  So no biggie.  Except.

(There’s always an ‘except’, right?)

It’s got a downdraft vent rather than a vent hood, and so to replace it, we pretty much have one choice.  One pricey, must-be-special-ordered-and-specially-installed, choice.  And it’s the 2 weeks up leading to Thanksgiving when, apparently, people who don’t typically use their oven all the time like we do realize that their oven doesn’t work & how are they gonna roast a turkey!

So the installers are backed up til forever, the stove is on special order, and it’s going to be a while.  Also, my single option for a stove comes standard with a grill (who grills inside?  Who?) and no burners.  Really, Jenn-Air?  Really?  At least there’s a rebate in place right now, which ought to just about cover the cost of the ‘add on’ burners.  Oi.  Again, it’s not some insurmountable problem, just annoying.  Why not come standard with the burners and offer the grill as an add on?  (Oh yeah, because no one grills in their house!)  Hope no one here gets tired of eating soup while we wait for the stove to arrive…Grrrrr.

3.  The cat keeps bringing in very much alive-&-kicking rodents so she can play with them in the comfort of the warm house.

This is not what I had in mind when I was rejoicing that she’s decided home is where she loves the best…

4.  Indoor gym filled with padded surfaces for a jumping boy to hurl himself off of?  Heaven.  For both of us.

5.  Pink lady apple on the table at my elbow.  Red tea with almond milk cooling right next to it.  Fire starting in the woodstove.  Gloomy day outside, writing hour ahead of me inside.  An old dear friend got back in touch and I might get to talk with them over the weekend.  We’re looking forward (so much!) to a visit from two of the daughters & the granddaughter right before Thanksgiving.  Hen’s most recent cold has completely cleared up.

Life’s feeling pretty sweet right about now.

2 comments to Small Things 11-8-13

  • Brooke

    My inlaws have a Jenn air too. I never really understood the purpose of the grill and, as far as I know, it has never been used. That is a silly concept. Grill is standard, but not burners??

  • Ann

    I feel the same about the grill on the jenn-air, and regard it as a giant rip-off. You have to purchase the burner unit to replace the grill, thereby adding a couple of hundred dollars to what is already an outrageously overpriced oven. That said, when the guy comes to install the oven, make sure he adjusts the burners on the “grill” side, or they won’t simmer. They come set for grilling and major heat. I learned this the hard way.