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Small Things 11-12-13

1.  And then yesterday, he picked up his spoon and started eating before I ever reached the table.  He’d eaten a better breakfast than usual, so it wasn’t just hunger.

Go figure.

All I can think is that I offered to let him use his old Winnie-The-Pooh tableware–stuff he rejected almost a year ago as being too babyish.  He reminded me, “This is silverware for babies!” in a delighted tone of voice, and I said that yes, babies could use it, but so could he, if he wanted.

Gobbled that mac & cheese right down with a great big grin on his face.  Ate soup for dinner.  Lots & lots of soup.

Not complaining here, just very very bemused.

2.  He’s no longer receiving treats for peeing, but has started to believe that there will come a day when he’ll poop on the potty (& not in his nighttime diaper, please GOD!) He’s started feeling out the potential for treats, I’m amused to note.

“Real is using the potty like a big bunny.  Even for poo.””Ah.  How nice for Real.  I’ll bet he’s proud of himself.”
“He was thinking maybe he should get a treat.  A chocolate treat.”
“Was he?  How enterprising of Real.  Go on.  What kind of treat is Real thinking he should get for pooping on the potty like a big bunny?”

A look of delight on Hen’s face and he screams “Chocolate Fingers!”



Turns out it was Butterfingers that Real thinks he loves enough to inspire him to pooping greatness.  (Damn you, Halloween!  My homemade-applesauce-loving child has learned the joy of Three Musketeers Bars! Milky Ways!  Chocolate Fingers!  And he knows to ask for them by (almost) name.)

Since the glories of pooping on a potty have not yet become entirely evident to Hen, I still have time to decide if I’m going to go down that sticky route or not.  I’m inclined to say yes, because really, bribery for pee made life so easy; but I’m inclined to say no just out of a vague moral sense that I’m ruining my kid if I get him thinking he deserves candy for taking a dump.  We’ll see how hardline I’m feeling if there EVER comes a day when I am not starting my day with a big clean up job.

A few Chocolate Fingers here and there probably won’t hurt anything…

3.  Yeah, I’m totally loving today’s date.  And yeah, I HAVE been waiting for it all year.  Next December’s consecutive run will be hard for me–the end of a decade+long era!

4.  Clementines!

5.  Stove is being installed on the 25th.  Sigh.  I should really try to use the stupid grill attachment for something like grilled jalapenos in January or something (Or I suppose I could just continue to bitch and moan about my pathetic first world ‘problem’, which is probably more amusing in the long run…)

8 comments to Small Things 11-12-13

  • I had a moment this morning that I thought to myself “Sprogblogger would LOVE this date” Tee hee.

    At one point LG thought she could get a reward for drinking water. Umm, no. Hydration is reward enough.

    Susan Reply:

    Hen used to ask me why I didn’t get a treat when I peed in the potty.
    Um, that’d be because I just like to pee, kiddo.

    Water, huh? I’m sure I have that to look forward to…

  • I thought of you when I saw the date as well!
    We did lollipops for poop (yummy earth natural brand from home goods!), and it worked like a charm. He only occasionally asks for one anymore, maybe once a month. Sometimes, especially when he’s sick or before a meal, I offer him a date instead, which he loves. We get these super sweet barhi dates from our coop that are like little nuggets of sugar, yum.

  • Funny that we all thought of you on this date.

    Thought you might appreciate this:,,20754996,00.html

  • Cat

    #2 is my favorite thing I’ve read in a while. Nice placement on your list of 5 as well. You can get Butterfingers in those little round bite sizes. Still fake, but much smaller. And take heart, my kids still love homemade applesauce, even after three Halloweens of trick-or-treating.

  • Alison

    Been reading your blog since you were a few weeks pregnant but never posted before. My son just turned 3 two weeks ago and isn’t toilet trained yet. I have been trying helplessly to bribe him to get a treat to poop on the toilet but he isn’t buying it, it worked for peeing though. I’d say if he’s asking for a treat to poop on the toilet GO FOR IT. Also, my son poops tiny bits 5-8 times a day in a pullup so we can’t even get to the underwear stage since our daycare lady isn’t into cleaning up poopy underwear that many times a day. My first son was like yours and just did it once at night which I’d almost prefer if it meant I could quit buying Pullups for during the day. I’m Canadian and kids start kindergarten here at age 4, and I keep having visions of sending him to school in a Pullup..we’ve got 10 months to figure this out!

  • The joys of the potty… I wish you much success. He will learn how to do it, but the treat thing is sneaky, must confess. :-)

  • Halloween messed us up this year too!

    And when it was 11.12.13 I totally thought of you lol