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Small Things 11-19-13

1.  Annnnnnd….his eyes aren’t doing as well as we’d thought.  Well, actually, his right eye isn’t crossing as much as it used to, but his vision in that eye is definitely being impacted.  Which means PATCHING in order to strengthen that eye, and remind his brain that the signals coming from Right Eye are just as important as the ones coming from Left Eye.


Try three hours a day of taking away your kid’s good eye.  Such fun.  Oh, and keeping him as still as possible, because, you know, no depth perception + demonstrably klutzy family = new broken bones?!?

The good news is that his eyes aren’t actually that bad.  ie: she changed his prescription, but told me not to fill it until he broke these glasses and needed a new pair.  Sadly, he needed his eyes dilated to tell her this, and because of his dark dark brown eyes, needed to be dilated twice.  Oh, my.  Not a happy boy.  Not at all.  Of course, he’s getting a bit of chocolate (or garbage truck YouTube videos, which he seems to prefer) twice a day, once after each 90 minute session and that takes some of the pain away.  Honestly, my whole life these days is charts and chocolate and YouTube.

We’ve pretty much stopped OT, his hand is so much better, and it interferes very little with real life these days.  We might try to start up again after the holidays if he doesn’t continue to improve on his own/with me as taskmistress, but I’m pleased with where he’s at.  Compared to where he was even 2 months ago, he’s doing fantastic.

And he’s been wearing his “pirate patch” for about a week now, and he’s being so much better about it than I had any reason to expect him to be.  Feeling grateful, but also feeling rather desperately hopeful that this poor child won’t have to do any more stuff for a while — geez, physical ailments!  Give us a break for a while!

2.  In happier news, Bunny is now getting very proficient at pooping in the potty.  Hen came to find me this afternoon after his nap and we just missed his own window to pooping glory.  Maybe tomorrow.

3.  An old man at the grocery store complimented my outfit.  I was wearing what amounts to my uniform.  See, my mother-in-law has given me a couple of the best jackets ever.  They’re kantha, beautiful old saris quilted into the most flattering loose jackets ever.  I wore the first one–literally–to rags, and am currently in the process of replacing whole panels so I can eke a few more years out of it.  Henry loves these ‘soft coats’ as he calls them, and asks me to change if I’m not wearing them.  And truly, I  love them too.  Soft, comfy cotton, in pretty colors and a flattering fit.  Pockets.  Warm, but not too warm for inside.

Plus, people–usually youngish hippy types–take me aside in grocery stores to compliment my clothing.  But this old guy was a first.  He seemed embarrassed, it was very much not a come-on (or if it was, it was the lamest come-on I’ve ever been party to.)  He just liked my ‘soft coat’ so much he had to tell me.

4.  I have the most amazing case of winter eczema on my arms. My fingertips always split in the winter, and then I slather on lotion, and then it happens all over again, because if I wear too much lotion, my skin breaks out.  So I got the balance wrong, or I tried a new lotion/laundry detergent–or possibly, I’m having an allergic reaction to his nebulizer steroids!  Whatev.  I look like a poison ivy victim, I’m living for the 2 scalding showers/baths I’m taking every day to calm down the itchiness, and I’m really ready to not be dealing with this any more.

Um, springtime?  Where are you?

5.  Grandbaby is coming for a visit on Friday.  OMG, the excitement!  Really looking forward to this, I have to say.  Now if only I don’t look like I’m going to give her the creeping crud, so I can hold her to my heart’s content!


2 comments to Small Things 11-19-13

  • Erin

    Cheering for Henry’s eyes. You’re doing the right thing with patching and his vision is going to Improve. Great job mama and Henry!! Your pediatric ophthalmology fan, Erin

  • Ann

    Keep up the work on the patching and monitor him closely. I should have been patched and wasn’t, and thus am legally blind in that lazy eye. It can be a serious thing with lifelong repercussions.