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Small Things 12-4-13

1.  The breathing treatments are definitely working.  Hen had a cold over Thanksgiving that never progressed to wheezing and gasping for breath.  And instead of lasting for a week, it was over in about 2 days.  Yay for modern medicine!

2.  Just roasted jalapenos + cheddar cheese + bacon in the oven for some amazing spicy lunchtime goodness.

Doing that again sometime soon.  (Like maybe tomorrow.)  Mmmm.  Spicy….

3.  The Velveteen Rabbit is really quite brutal.  I remembered the general story line, but hadn’t remembered that the rabbit’s name was Real.  My husband was reading it to him the other night, and poor Hen worked himself into hysterics over the worn-out-ness of Real-the-velveteen-rabbit  “He has no whiskers! (sob)  His legs are all in one piece!  (sob)  His pink ears are gray!  (sob)”  Since his Real Bunny is about as grubby and whiskerless as ever a bunny could be, I’m not sure what the grief was all about unless it’s just the grief of impermanence.  Sigh.  Sensitive little boy.  Wouldn’t want him to be any other way, but I worry for him in the big wide world.

4.  Hen’s almost-BIL brought him a hot-wheels sized garbage truck & trailer truck from Germany.  Henry took a nap with these treasures, and they are currently on the couch with him while he has a post-nap snack.  He keeps looking down at them and stroking them with one finger.  Very contented kiddo right now.

5.  It’s Rudolph-night tonight after dinner.

Cannot.  Wait.

I think Henry’s looking forward to it, too.

2 comments to Small Things 12-4-13

  • Awww, I feel for Henry. I sometimes had/have the “hyper-empathy” reactions, too. I think you handle things very well. Glad he got some super-exciting trucks from Germany, and glad you both get to watch Rudolph! :)

  • I think every little boy has a garbage track in Germany. And in real life, they are absolutely fantastic, and soooo clean! Btw, little trivia, one needs to be a German citizen to work on a garbage truck. :-)