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Small Things 12-10-13

1.  So I finally went to a dermatologist, even though I’d pretty much healed up from that exploding skin thing I had going on a few weeks ago (which flared up again after 10 minutes exposure to Hen’s albuterol)  Turns out I’m a mutant!!!

No, really.  Even though this rash was mostly centered on my forearms, the doc asked to see my palm, and when I asked if he needed me to cross it with silver, he didn’t get the joke.  He didn’t even look at the remnants of rash, just looked at the wacky lines I’ve always had on my palms (the girlfriend of the captain of the ship I worked on once told me it just meant I was a very interesting person, but she was obviously just trying to get on my good side–which would have been impossible, because I didn’t like her, she annoyed me beyond reason, she pretended to read palms, she spelled her name Suezinn, etc–all in all, I think I like being a mutant better.) and said that my body has a weird mutation that means it doesn’t produce enough of a protein called ‘filaggrin’ which allows the skin to hold onto moisture.  Also, you’re more sensitive to irritants, and likely have a family history of glaucoma.

Um, yeah.

So it turns out that almost all the everything that’s ever plagued me skin-wise comes down to having atopic eczema–which translates to ‘weird itch’.  Um, yeah.  That pretty much sums up my life.  Cracking hands in the wintertime–oh yeah.  Weird blisters on my hands when it gets too cold?  Yeah.  Fingers turn white & go numb when handling anything cold, like snow or frozen meat for more than 10 seconds at a time?  Yup.  He gave me a steroid cream that wiped out the last of the rash almost at once, told me to use it as needed on my hands this winter & to refill that prescription when I ran out.   He basically told me I was an idiot never to have gotten this treated before–most people grow out of it when they’re teenagers, but those of us who aren’t lucky should just medicate it & be done with it.

And now I’m itch-free.  My hands have no cracks deep enough to bleed.  This is how normal people feel in the wintertime?  No pain?  This rocks!

2.  Henry is sorta kinda DELIRIOUSLY OUT OF HIS MIND excited about Christmas.   I think if he could go without sleeping from now til the 24th, he’d seriously attempt it.  It’s cute, but also sort of exhausting.  I’m very excited to see how excited he’s going to be on Christmas morning, but I’m less excited to wonder how he’s going to be by oh, say, 5pm on Christmas day.

We’ll be driving from NH to NY on Christmas day, after our small family xmas, so maybe he’ll sleep in the car.  (please oh please oh please oh please)

3.  Hen had a bad day at school.  A friend said something mean to him.  He was silent and broody when I picked him up–where usually he’s happily chattering.  He finally told me that he was sad, and I dragged the rest of the story out of him bit by bit (though I still can’t find out what was actually said.)  Apparently someone else in the class is a little overexcited by the holiday, because she’s usually one of his best friends.  She was, apparently, being mean to everyone, and she wouldn’t stop until they brought their teacher over to intervene.  He was really shaken up, but as soon as he got the story out, he cheered right back up.  Poor kiddo.  Does not like it when people aren’t nice.  Can’t blame him, but I hope he can move past this phase of tender-tender feelings a bit more quickly!

4.  I believe I am finished with Christmas shopping.  I’m done with making presents, I’m done with purchasing.  Not quite finished with wrapping, and I’ll probably find something else I need to buy for someone between now & then, but if xmas were tomorrow, it would be ok.  And it’s not tomorrow, which is even better.  Whew.

5.  The cat has been bringing in prey from outside, and letting it go inside so she can pursue in the comfort of a heated house.  Having eliminated all of our house’s vermin, she’s apparently bored.  Missing the rodent population.  Happily, she’s not been raiding the neighbors’ stashes of housemice, but has been concentrating almost exclusively on wood voles, which are slow moving and sort of adorable.  I’ll see one trundling across the floor with Mattie in languorous pursuit, and have plenty of time to go get a plastic pitcher, or a box or something to scoop the critter up in & chuck it outside.  Sigh.  Glad she’s a hunter, but really–catch & release, Mattie?  Really?

(Only imagine it’s my living room in the background, instead of strawberry leaves.)  Heck, for all I know the vole’s decided it’s nice and toasty inside.  Maybe they’re pals?  Another few captures & I’m just setting up a Habitrail for the critter & calling him a pet.

2 comments to Small Things 12-10-13

  • Oh dear, W had an issue in preschool where everyone was “being mean” to him, because when the teacher would say to clean up or transition, he would attempt to help by finishing his part of clean up and then grabbing the toys from other kids who were being slower about it. Then they naturally got upset- but he thought they were just rejecting him, not his help. It was horrible. I’m glad you seem to have handled your situation with maturity- I was a wreck at this the first time he was on the receiving end of stares that could bore holes into walls from his peers. It’s hard to see a reality that they will not always be adored and loved– its life, its how it has to be, but it was hard for me to fully face.

    I can relate to Xmas with Eid- He was a complete hyper excited little maniac, it’s awesome though even if the sleep gets hard, lol. :)

  • Brooke

    LOL! Yes, I can see it now! Mattie and Violet the Vole are secretly best friends and she keeps bringing her friend in for a playdate and YOU keep tossing her dear friend out into the cold. Very rude of you! 😉