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Small Things 12-13-13

1.  Development stuff is picking up like crazy now that the arm & hand are getting back to normal.  Getting dressed/undressed, eating on his own (yay.), dancing, etc.

He’s also turning into a counting fiend.  Kid counts everything, and his songs tend to be variations on a counting theme:  “1 Christmas Tree, 2 Christmas Trees, 3 Christmas Trees, 4 Christmas Trees….”.  I was also able to (finally) get him out of the grips of a nightmare/night terror episode by counting sheep with him.

But even better? He’s able to read three-letter words now!  He has very little interest in doing it spontaneously–he loves being read to, and will be read to for as long as he will hold still for it–but if I pause in my reading at a short word, or write out something like B-A-T on a piece of paper or with refrigerator magnets, he’s perfectly happy to tell me what it spells.  Yowza!  And so it begins!

(Needless to say, book-geek mommy is very very excited about this!)

2.  The forecast is calling for maybe a foot of snow this weekend.  Henry’s already looking forward to the snow-shoveling on Monday, but everyone else is dreading the confinement over the weekend.  Cat’s been attacking the bowl of mixed nuts, bringing them all around the house because she’s bored out of her skull.  Dog hasn’t left the bedroom/bed/bottom of a pile of comforters in days, and we anticipate not really seeing her at all until April or so…

3.  Hen and I went to a holiday party thrown by the mother of his best friend at school.  The adorableness of 12 preschoolers who are all nice kids, playing with each other, fueled by candy canes, green icing, and chocolate chip cookies was not to be believed.  Also, she sent the kids home with a treat bag that had a wonderful ‘paint with water’ book of drawing numbers–she couldn’t have found him a nicer present if she’d spent $200.  I’m pretty sure Hen’s going to fall asleep clutching it–it allows him to trace 1-20 over and over and over again.  He’s in preschool-mathematics heaven.

4.  _DSC0778

Because, yes, this photo–bumble bee ride-on toy, striped pjs, toy pliers, eye patch, and a fireman’s helmet–IS the best approximation of what it is to live with a sweet & joyful 3-year-old that I’ve ever managed to get into one picture.  I believe we had just been ‘paged’ and were on our way to rescue a kitten who’d gotten stuck in a tree.  I love the games he finds to play.  I love that he’s so focused on helping others–even when he’s playing.  This is not a kid (at least not yet) who crashes his toy cars on purpose, or even wants to compete in play.  It’s all about stories and rescues and helping others and it delights me.

5.  And he’s been in a very very sweet mode lately, which is nice.  Makes the sugar meltdowns/holidrama  a lot more manageable for me when the drama fits are immediately preceded by sweetness and silliness-induced giggling fits.

And I’m looking forward to Christmas even more than he is, I think.  Don’t let anyone tell you different–three might be a ton of work, but it sure is a whole lot of fun!

3 comments to Small Things 12-13-13

  • Andrea

    I have been reading your blog for the past 6 months or so. I have 2 sons, one of whom just turned 3 (the other is 1), and your descriptions of Henry often make me smile in recognition of my own sweet 3 year old. They are such joyful little beings when everything is going smoothly. I can’t believe he is reading though! That is quite amazing. Here we don’t really focus on reading until much later (around age 5 or grade prep). Best wishes to your family for Christmas and thanks for your blog, it has been a lovely thing to read.

    Susan Reply:

    Welcome! So nice to ‘meet’ a new reader!

    To be clear–we’ve not been pushing the reading thing at all, but it’s not too unexpected. I was a precocious reader, and this kid gets read to A LOT. Half of our house is a barn that was converted into a library, his father & I are both writers, and he has a readerish family–as a result he owns way more kid-appropriate books than most kids his age. (Or most other ages, for that matter.) And he’s been fascinated by ‘systems’ from a very young age. Colors, numbers, shapes, patterns, rhymes–this is just more of the same for him. And, as I say, I’ll read to him as long as I can get away with it! I’m in no hurry to lost my snuggle-companion during book time until I have to! I think it’s many many months or years yet before he would rather sit down and read a book than be read to, but it’s exciting to watch his brain start to process letters into words. The beginning of what I hope is a long and happy personal relationship with the written word!

  • Aisha

    Awwwwwwwwww he’s such a big boy now!!!!!!! I haven’t seen a photo in some time! Thanks for sharing he is precious!