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Small Things 12-22-13

1.  Holiday season has been pretty fun for the kiddo.  Polar Express party at school, and a newfound love of dreidels.  He’s still refusing to sing in groups, but he & I sing Jingle Bells together most days, and his advent calendar means he knows the date better than I do, because he remembers which number we’re at on any given day.  How sad is it that I’ve caught myself–in all seriousness–asking my 3-year-old the date more than once this week?

2.  The Whole Foods nearest us just started carrying Hatch’s green enchilada sauce.  Chicken enchiladas just went from a 2-hour process to a quick 1/2 hour dinner.  Woohoo!

3.  We started him at gymnastics classes after he was invited to a friend’s class and he had so much fun he burst into tears when it was time to leave, which isn’t actually like him.  He had his first ‘real class’, and had a marvelous time.  The teacher is very good with him, is happy to have a kid who throws himself around without fear, and he gets to tumble and jump and (try to) balance to his heart’s content.  Happy kid.

4.  Death worries and concern about where things will end up are still a hot topic of conversation around here.  He seems less worried–more that he’s just checking (over and over again) to make sure he really really knows where everything’s going to end up eventually. Which I think is probably ok, since he’s always been extremely interested in the process of everything–where the pipes in the house lead to, where the garbagemen take our trash, what happens to the veggie scraps I put into the compost, what poop’s made out of.  I think he might just be trying to sort things out in his head as best he can, fitting live things into his landfill-centric view of how the world works.

Case in point: he got very interested in a cemetery the other day while we were driving.  (New England, remember.  This area is riddled with small cemeteries.)  I think someone must have been talking about them at school because he was asking very probing questions about what was under the headstones that I was trying to palm off as ‘pretty statues’.  So I told him as best I could–keeping it as unthreatening and unscary as I could–and he actually seemed less upset than worried he just wasn’t understanding something he was interested in–he hates that.

Since he’s also been asking questions about things we’ve talked about that happened before he was born: he specifically wants to know where HE was when all this was going on… so I used the opportunity to start talking about beginnings, middles, and ends, and how everything has all three of those, (now is NOT the time to introduce space/time to my 3-year-old, thank you very much!)  and that seemed very reassuring to him.

Now when he throws death-questions into conversation it seems like he’s just seeking confirmation about something he already knows.  So maybe it’s working itself out?  Hope so.

5.  Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas on DVD, as we’ve done more nights than not this December, and by this time we practically know it by heart.  We’re finishing up the movie where all the little Whos are singing their Who-songs, and The Boy and I are reiterating to Henry how the REAL Christmas isn’t about gifts, it’s about being with and thinking about our families and how much we love them and how that’s what Christmas is all about, really.

Little boy beams contentedly, nods his head in complete agreement and adds, “Also…playing with all the toys Santa brings you!”  (gleeful giggling ensues.)

Um, yeah.

That wasn’t quite the message we were going for, but it’s definitely where he’s at these days.  Henry is giddily, joyfully, oh-so-excitedly looking forward to Christmas.  And because of that, so are we.  (And some of the toys Santa’s bringing him are awesome, so as Hen’s #1 playmate, I’m kind of looking forward to the new toys, too, I have to say.)



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