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Small Things 12-30-13

1.  Oh the holidays.  Santa was good to the little boy, as were Mom & Dad, all his sisters & bros-in-law, his grandparents, aunts, cousins, and oh my heavens, we have a lot of trucks around here.

He did pretty well with the exhaustion & the never-ending gift-giving.  Didn’t help that he’s been fighting off a cold for a week now.  But it was fun being around a kid who was really living his first anticipated Christmas, and I don’t think he got too too spoiled.

And, oh, the trucks…

2.  The exact day that I said out loud that my computer was running out of space, & I was tired of not being able to run any updates because its ancient (6 years old) OS wouldn’t support them, etc., my computer started making the grindy noise of death.

Having once lost an entire body of work–novels, short stories, etc.–to the sudden onset of ‘grindy noise of death’, I’m pretty paranoid.  Happily, I’ve been squirreling away money for just such an occasion, in the hopes of making an unhappy event (dead computer) into a happy one (new computer!)

Had a pleasant experience at an Apple store in the local mall, walked out of there with a computer in hand, and the thing transferred/updated all my files without me having to do anything besides plugging in my back up disc.  Love apples.  Love the ease and simplicity and–oh goodness gracious, I love how pretty they are.  Also love that I found a smaller computer than the beast I’ve been working on for the last 6 years.  A computer I liked, but that was fairly exhausting to carry around.  I think I’m going to like this new one.  I think she needs a name…

3.  Seed catalogs have started arriving en force.  Does anyone who knows me need a reminder of how very happy this makes me?  This year’s garden is going to be awesome.  No hardscaping at all to put in, just little bitty plants.  About a zillion of them…

4.  Henry’s been truly adorable lately.  Had a few rough days when his sleep was wrecked by travel/sickness/sheer excitement about life in December, but now that things have calmed down, he’s been his usual happy self again.  Which is lovely.

He’s been playing pretend a lot more–asking me to role play with him, so he can teach me to do thing I’ve taught him.  He’s back to giving spontaneous hugs.  He still loves sitting on my lap and patting my face and saying, “I love you, little mommy!”  in a silly voice.  In fact, I’d say ‘silly’ is his favorite descriptor for everything and everyone.  Kiddo likes to make people laugh.  He’s growing up, learning new things every day.  (Putting on his own socks!  Putting on his own pants/coat/mittens/hat/slippers!)  He loves inviting everyone to play with his new gear.  “Would you like to play with me?  I don’t mind.  You can even play with the logging truck.  It has a grabber claw!” And selfishly, I’m delighted he’s graduated to real Legos.  Playing is a lot more fun when I can break out the Legos instead of just pushing trains back and forth.

Also, in the last few days we’ve started hearing “When can I go back to school, Mommy?”  (YES!  He likes school!  YES!)

5.  And now I’m going to go set up a seed buying spreadsheet on my new computer and settle in for some serious deliberation on the important question of just how many plants I can cram into my (admittedly enormous) garden.  This summer is going to be fun.

And if I don’t get to it, Happy New Year’s everyone!  May 2014 be the best year ever for you and yours, and may your future be merry and bright.  (I just love New Year’s, don’t you?  If it’s been a bad year, New Year’s is a time to fervently wish for better days; and if it’s been a good year, New Year’s is a time to fervently wish for more of the same.  It’s good either way, I guess.  New beginnings are just fun even when things are already great.)


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