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MeKate's got a new Etsy store. Gorgeous paintings!

A dear friend is selling ADORABLE handknit baby clothes. If you're in the market, have a look!

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My lunchtime book. It’s not grabbing me as much as her cyborg Company books do – there’s less humor, for one thing – but it’s still a good SF read. Any Kage Baker is good Kage Baker, as far as I’m concerned.

Book 2 of Stephenson’s Baroque trilogy. I’ve been reading this as my bedtime story, which is one reason it’s taking so long for me to get through. The other reason is that it’s an incredibly dense story about the origins of math, science, modern finance, politics, and medicine. It’s no wonder my dreams have been so complicated lately.

A little outdated, unfortunately didn’t have anything on intralipids, but still very interesting without either blowing smoke up my ass or being completely disheartening.


I loved her first book, Skin Hunger, and though this one is taking me a bit longer to get into, that could just be because I’m reading way too many books right now.