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Small Things 8-31-13

1.  Last day of August, which for me has always seemed like ‘the last day of summer’, even when I lived in the desert and mid-October was when the daytime temps stopped going above 100*.  Still–End of August=End of summer, and here in the green (though already starting to leaf-drop!) NE, it’s a bit more accurate.

Wondering if half my tomatoes are simply never going to ripen.  There will be tears if we have an early frost…

2.  However, I harvested an absolutely spectacular watermelon this week.  In Utah, I lived about 40 miles away from ‘the watermelon capital of the world’, but really, it’s been a while since I’ve had good, sweet watermelon.  Sugar Baby–it’s about the size of my head, just perfect for a couple of days of small slices in the fridge.  Yum.  (And so cool!  We’ll be growing these again, for sure!)

3.  Next week is a busy one.  Hen starts occupational therapy.  And big-kid story time at the library.  And a new round of swim classes.  Probably just as well he’s not off to school just yet.  It would have been perhaps a bit much all at once!

His orientation went well–he played with trucks.  And ever since, he’s been informing me that RealBunny is really excited about going to bunny school soon.  Which is encouraging.  If Bunny was dreading school I’d be much more nervous that Hen had some fears about it, but I honestly think he’s looking forward to it.  And since he comes in on the day after his birthday, he gets to bring birthday cupcakes to class for his first day, which certainly can’t hurt his ego (kid loves providing food for others!) or his classmates’ estimation of the new kid, right?  Works for me.

4.  I spent yesterday getting fingerprinted so I can read books to Hen’s class.  And help out with field trips, and volunteer in their library.  I’ll confess I’m really selfishly looking forward t0 him being in school so that I can do fun things, too!

5.  We’re buying Hen a balance bike for his birthday & hoping that it inspires him to use his left hand rather than frustrating him because it’s hard to use his left hand.  I let him get back on his scooter, “But you have to use both hands,” I told him, expecting he’d balk.  But he did it.  So I’m hoping that this move doesn’t backfire on us all.  We’ll see!

Small Things 8-28-13

1.  Camp was a blast.  Hen caught frogs, went swimming, went for canoe rides, and played with little (big!) boys.  They didn’t realize quite how young he is, because he’s tall & verbal, and they played with him for a good long while before they figured out they’d been conned into ‘playing with a baby’.  Eery chance he got, he ran off with groups of big kids without a backward glance at his stodgy old parents; and I was encouraged for what this will mean for school, as well as wistful for what it will mean for me.

Even as I’m actively working to assure it, it will be hard when I’m no longer a witness to the entirety of this little person’s world.

2.  OT appointment set up.  We’ve convinced him that he can use his good three fingers to hold Real Bunny (who does, of course, have magical healing powers) but instead of using his hand more, Hen is adapting to life as a tri-ped.  So on to the professionals for help.  Hoping he can get a bit more function back before school starts, because it’s going to be hard for him if he can’t do what the other kids can do.

3.  Garden’s producing like gangbusters.  Serious sweet corn.  Serious tomatoes.  My inlaws are visiting, and it’s been fun being able to feed everyone from the garden!

4.  Hen’s gotten obsessed with a puzzle of the U.S.  The amazing thing to me is that he recognizes the shapes of the majority of the states, and can do about 70% of the puzzle by himself.  Naming the states as he goes.  Kiddo definitely needs more stimulation than I’m giving him!  And I know he’ll love school, and I’m excited that he’s so excited about meeting new kids and making new friends.  Hearing him walk up to strangers at camp and say, “What’s your name? I’m Henry!” was pretty awe inspiring.  He’s really his own little person now.

5.  School orientation is tomorrow.  Gulp.  And September will be a blur of traveling, the first day of school, birthdays, and ‘autumn’ stuff.  Hay rides.  Apple picking.  Summer is on the way out.  Where did this year go?

Oh yeah, and we’re still picking blueberries.

Small Things 8-22-13

1.  Sweet corn from the garden (a first for me) six varieties of heirloom tomatoes (including our first azoyschka of the year) and a mess of cooked shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce from our local fish store.  Followed by the best zucchini cake ever.

I’m in garden-season heaven.

And here’s the recipe for the cake, because, honestly, if you have an extra zucchini lying around (and even if you have to go to the store right now to buy one so you have an extra, it’s worth making immediately:

Erin’s Chocolate Zucchini Bread

3 eggs
2 C sugar
1 C vegetable oil
1 TB vanilla extract
2+ C shredded zucchini (I just put in everything from a medium-large garden zucchini)
2 C flour
1 TB cinnamon
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 C cocoa powder
6 oz (1 C chocolate chips)

350*  Beat eggs til frothy–I used a hand mixer.  Beat in 2 C sugar, 1 C oil, 1 TB vanilla.  Beat til thick/well mixed.  Stir in shredded zucchini.  In separate bowl, mix the dries.  Mix in.  Fold in chocolate chips.  Pour into 2 oiled & floured 8 x 4.5 x 3″ loaf pans.  Bake 50 mins – 1 hr.  Until knife inserted in center of loaf comes out clean.  Let cool in pan 10 minutes, then invert, tip out of pan & let cool completely.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

2.  Off to camp tomorrow.  I’m at least as excited as The Boy (whose summer camp it was) or Hen.  Camp!  Camp!  Camp!

3.  Did I mention we’re still harvesting large quantities of blueberries?  This is insane.  It’s late August!  Might be a bit of a bummer year for tomatoes, locally speaking, (I have something like 3000 green sauce tomatoes just waiting for a bit more sunshine to actually, you know, ripen!)  but the blueberry harvest is rocking my world.

4.  Hen had a blast at Playgroup today.  I found him with another boy in the farthest-away room, lying on their sides, happily playing with cars together/next to each other.  It was very cool.

5.  Hen’s been putting weight on his bad hand/arm.  Still not offering to use those fingers for anything other than twitching, but he’s realizing that the elbow really doesn’t hurt anymore, and that’s a good thing.  I really hate for him to have to go through this, but I’m starting to think it’ll be ok.  In his own sweet time.

And, on that same level, my goodness but I’m enjoying the good nights we’ve been having since the cast came off last week.  Nights have gotten steadily better and better, mornings have evened out, and really, the daytimes are so much better too, now that we’re neither of us punchy with sleep deprivation.  Tantrums–gone.  Whininess–all but gone.  Happy, sunny kid–so glad to have you back!

Happy, sunny self–good to see you again, too.  The doom and gloom was getting hard to take, even (especially) internally.


Small Things 8-21-13

1.  Water restriction is off!  He gets to go swimming this weekend!  And, he didn’t even need the silver nitrate reapplied.  Woohoo!  Now if we can just get him to start using his hand again, we’ll be all set…

2.  Hot today, so I’m hoping that it jumpstarts the tomatoes that have been languishing on the vine out in our garden.  Of course, we’re going to be away, ‘camping’, this weekend, so it’ll probably just make them all ripen on Saturday while we’re away, so we’ll return to a mess o’ squishy tomatoes on Sunday night.

3.  I’m about to go attempt to make zucchini bread.  Wish me better luck than the coconut cake luck.

4.  Hen’s discovering a newfound appreciation of music.  These long trips to the doctor have been hard on him because they tend to happen at naptime, so the trip home is after he’s stressed, exhausted, and too wound up to just slip asleep.  So he fusses.  Unless I put on the radio.  Doesn’t seem to matter much what I play, but he especially likes it if I KNOW the song and can sing along.  I think he had no idea that there were better songs in the world than ‘All the Pretty Little Horses’, which, granted, is all kinds of bedtime awesome, but not so exciting as Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’.

And of course, nothing is as wonderful as ‘I Never Fail to Deliver the Mail’, but then, how could it be?

5.  Hen’s started giving rather aggressive kisses.  “Neckbreakers” I call them, because he’s decided that a love as big as his can only be expressed properly by grinding his face into mine.   And really?  He’s strong.  It hurts my neck even when I do get my (admittedly large & in the way) nose out of the way. *sigh*  So we’re starting in with the formal ‘how to kiss nicely’ etiquette at a much earlier age than I ever expected.  Hard to ask my son not to kiss me, though, so I’ll settle for just a wee bit less force behind them!  Now if I can just train him out of the ‘launch himself at Mama from across the room for a hug.’

Again, how do you say no to a expression of happiness that’s so big it needs a running start to properly express?  I am very very lucky.  And my cheekbone has almost completely healed already.


Small Things 8-20-13

1.  Sleep.  I really really like it.  I’ve actually been getting some.  Wow.

Turns out, I can pretty much predict if Hen’s going to let me sleep get some sleep by noticing if I have to go put him back in his bed at about 11pm.  If he’s wandered around the room and fallen asleep in his chair or on the floor?  Bingo.  Good night’s sleep.  Otherwise? ie: if he’s still snoozing in bed where most of us prefer to rest?  Forget it.  Wake-up city.

Here’s hoping for another wandering, totally sleep-filled night.

2.  Today is a day brought to you by doctor appointments.  Rather, it’s bracketed by doctor appointments.  One yesterday to use silver nitrate to cauterize the ugly pin wound, and then again tomorrow to check on it & probably reapply the SN.  Ugh.  But better than him having an open, weeping wound on his elbow for the foreseeable future.  He’s also on antibiotics to ward off any possibility of a bone infection.  Ugh.  Today brought to you by doctor appointments + liquid medicine.

But at least he’s sleeping.  And if the nasty stuff does what it’s supposed to, he might even be able to swim by the end of the week when we go camping.

3.  Harvested another 4-5 cups of blueberries this morning.  We seem to be running weeks & weeks behind on pretty much all our crops.  Except for zucchini.  Zucchini is burying us right on time.  Anyone have a fabulous zucchini recipe they’d like to share with the group?  I think it’s almost time to start making zucchini bread.  At least that will freeze.

4.  Henry is eagerly anticipating both Halloween and wintertime.  Halloween because–duh–candy.  Plus I’ve promised to find or make him a bunny suit.  Wintertime he’s excited about not because of Christmas, but because he wants it to be cold outside so he can play in the snow.  We’ll see how that plays out, but I’ll be delighted if it’s true.

5.  We took Hen for a hike on Saturday to a little overlook in the teensy town forest that The Boy discovered one day.  A pond with railroad tracks on the other side.  Cool & picturesque (& safe, even if you’re a 3 year old boy).  We walked out to the pond, Hen happily admiring flowers and grasshoppers, twigs-shaped-like-wrenches (that he used to ‘cut down trees for logging trucks’) and turtles & frogs once we reached the pond.  Then–joy!–a train actually came by on the tracks, which we weren’t even hoping for.  We heard a whistle in the next town over and made him wait.  And when it blasted past, you’d’ve thought we handed him the moon.  And then, after it had gone by, he wanted to wait for the next one.  “It might be hours,” we told him.  “Oh no.  I think it will happen very very soon.”  It didn’t, but he waited longer than I would have thought.  Operation “Make a Hiker out of Henry” has succeeded.  He wants to go for another walk next weekend.

Small Things 8-18-13

1.  Hen is sleeping again.  So am I. Hallelujah.

It’s still not perfect.  We’re dealing with a 3am or 4am or 5am wake-up every night, that needs a bit of soothing to get him back to sleep, but the 4:15am  “I’m awake for the day and there’s nothing you can do about it” seems to be over.  And we’re getting back on track with naps–ie: a 1.5 hour nap is awesome, a 4 hour nap, (or a 20 minute nap) not so much.

And the whining is easing up, though his latest fave is: “But Mommy, I  just can’t keep the whininess out of my voice!”  Said in a shrill, whiny voice, of course.  Ugh.  But it’s getting better–a new no-tolerance rule on my part (I will LEAVE the room, which is, of course, the worst thing ever for this mommy-attached kid!)  as well as a bit more sleep-conferred reasonableness on his part.  Life is getting better.

2.  Is it wrong that I’m already getting excited for the winter so that I can plan next year’s garden?  Yeah.  I thought so.

3.  Hen is 35 months old today.  How the hell did that happen?  He’s going to be three in a month, and I’ve only really gotten used to the concept of ‘toddler’.  Hell, I still call him ‘my baby’ every so often and he is patently not a baby anymore.

4.  Another doctor’s appointment tomorrow–hoping that we can lose the skin tag/tumor thing, so that full-body baths can resume.  Also, swimming.  Also, one more day at the beach before fall is here.  Also, an end to sore elbows in general would be just plain awesome.

5.  Last night I was awoken by the cat screaming outside.  The Boy & I ran outside to see if we could find her, but we did fear the worst when she didn’t come to my call.  There are coyotes in the area, and foxes.  No kitty.  I was a little afraid I was going to find her when Hen wanted to go outside first thing in the morning.  But she came running over as soon as we came downstairs this morning, just fine after her night’s adventures.  Anyone ever read Neil Gaiman’s book of short stories?  It’s his best work as far as I’m concerned, and there’s one story in there about a black cat who battles a family’s bad luck, at risk of limb and life.  An utterly haunting story, and one that came to mind when she came running up to be pet.

And yes, Mattie Catty got extra snuggles when that story came to mind.


Guardian of the House.  Keeping us safe, and our rodent/bird/monster populations under control.  Happy Cat.

Small Things 8-16-13

1.  So, a wretched night followed by a really good one last night.  Not worth the trade-off but man, oh, man, it was nice to sleep through (almost) the night last night.

Kiddo’s still making conscious decisions not to try using his left hand, but I caught him petting my shirt (as he likes to do as he’s falling asleep) with it this afternoon.  So maybe a lot of his hesitation is simply fear, and he was too sleepy to remember to be afraid of moving it?  He really really hated being asked to/made to move it in the hospital when it hurt so badly to do it.  (which, btw, I totally get.  I was ready to slug the orthopaedist a few times when she wouldn’t let him alone. “Shattered elbow, bitch! Quit making him try to move his damned fingers.”)

And we had a lovely morning outside, playing and riding a BigWheel (him) and working in the garden (me).  We’ve been harvesting peaches these last few days, if you can believe it.  From trees that were planted as whips last year.  Amazing.  ‘Redhavens’ for anyone local who’s looking for a top notch peach.  Wow.  First good peach I’ve had since leaving the southwest.

2.  Watched the final episode of ‘Dollhouse’ last night and enjoyed it.  The Boy is pickier than I, and his quibbles took away a lot of his viewing pleasure, I think.  But I liked it enough to be sad that it’s over.  Might be nearly time to rewatch ‘Buffy’.  It’s been a year or so, I think…

3.  Coconut cake is a bit of a flop.  Um, literally.  Everything works in theory, but in fact?  Very gloopy–too much pastry cream (the making of which was totally the highlight of the baking process) and too much whipped cream.  I wanted to follow the recipe exactly since it was my first time making this, so I used the recommended amounts, and it’s more frosting/cream than cake.  And the amaretto did not, in my opinion, add to the yumminess of the coconut.

Put it this way.  Hen was offered the first piece this morning (long story why the cake wasn’t ready last night, we’ll put it down to ‘Mommy’s sleep deprivation’, ok?) and eagerly accepted it.  He had one bite, asked for help because it was too hard to keep it on his fork, and ended up opting for a banana instead.

Yikes.  I didn’t think it was that bad, but it certainly hasn’t made it onto my top 5 list o’ cakes, which is where it would need to be to justify its pain-in-the-assiness.

Very disappointing.  Might just end up composting this one, which is a shame given the amount of work (and foodstuffs) that went into its making.

(I might make that pastry cream again, though.  Because that was really fun, watching it set up as I stirred it hot.)

4.  Hen seems to need to cry (or at least really aggressively whine) before his nap.  I’ve noticed for a long time that he’ll sleep so much better after a little weep that I suspected he was picking ‘fights’ simply so he’d get a scolding that could be an excuse for weeping.  But these days it’s very blatant.  “I can’t stop crying!” he’ll whine–before he’s even started crying.  Then he’ll choose something silly to get worked up about–the color of his bandaid? The texture of my shirt?  And then he’ll cry.  And then he’ll conk out and sleep happily.

Ah well.  I could wish his sleep ritual was a bit less dramatic; but you know, at least it’s ending up with him asleep.

5.  I transplanted a few hosta, moved a few flagstones out to the garden walkway, and tied up my tomatoes (again!) Plus I watched Hen ride his BigWheel, admired its shiny sides and lit-up buttons with the appropriate awe/wonder, raced construction vehicles down the driveway for what felt like years, watched the stupid-cat cross the busy street to the neighbor’s.  Having apparently exhausted our own supply of rodential creatures, she has to go further afield now.  She brought back a mouse-thing the size of my hand–(seriously, what was that?  A nutria? Capybara?  Wasn’t a rat–too rounded in the face & body.  And a shorter, furry tail.  It was big, and it was dead.  That’s all I know for sure.)–and proceeded to play with its limp corpse until Hen wondered aloud too many times if that mousie’s mommy was going to come rescue it soon.  I took him far far away while Mattie got down to the serious business of eating something the size of her head and managed to avoid his ever-more-probing questions about death.

It was a busy, productive morning.  A tomato sandwich for lunch and then I’m going to go eat a slice of substandard cake.  And I don’t even need to take a nap.  Life is good.

Small Things 8-14-13

1. Still no sign that Hen ever wants to use his left arm ever again.  Yeah, I’m really worried.  He’s also still complaining about pain in his hand–so, at least he’s getting some sensation there, and I’ve been there, I know that pain is actually the first step in nerve injury recovery, but still, it just kills me that my toddler has to deal with this.

Today was actually a better day–I suspect because I was closer to the top of my game than I’ve been in weeks.  Thank you 9:30-3:30 uninterrupted sleep!  I was able to distract and jolly to an extent that simply hasn’t been possible in my sleep-deprived state, so meltdowns were averted, whining was held to a minimum, and we played with HotWheels whenever things got crankypants.

Hoping for another night of decent sleep for both of us, because, really, it makes a world of difference.

2.  Harvested a couple of Japanese Trifele Black tomatoes today–tomatoes we bought as a plant on a whim–and all I can really say is “Wow.”  We’re definitely going to be growing these beauties again!  Delicious, easy to peel, and so pretty!  Not to mention the fact that the plant’s incredibly vigorous and huge.  And did I mention astonishingly tasty?  This year’s orange experiment appears to be a failure, but a serious win on the random experiment.  Yay for happy (delicious!) surprises!

And I have to mention how marvelously cool I think the Russian influx of ‘new’ tomato plants is.  Just as the breakup of the USSR led to cheap(er) titanium bikes being widely produced in the 90s, these amazing Russian (and the JTB is a Russian tomato, despite the misleading name!) tomatoes are really redefining what makes a tomato delicious.  I had a Brandywine the other day & went ‘meh’.  Could you imagine thinking that in, say the 1980s?

3.  Today was a remarkably beautiful day here.  Windy–which I love–and clear.  Cool without being chilly, and warm without being hot.  Perfect.

There are certainly things I don’t like about this area.  (Ticks.)  But the perfect summer days are really amazingly so.  Wow.

4.  Unlike last year when every Playgroup day was sunny and warm (and therefore held at a local pond’s beach) this year, Thursdays have mostly been cool and cloudy.  Yay for being able to go to Playgroup without torturing poor can’t-swim-with-a-punctured-arm Hen.

5.  Tomorrow’s project is to buy Amaretto and then try to reproduce the coconut cake we ate in Hawaii.  Springform pan.  Cake cut into three layers.  Whipped cream filling.  So much mixing & folding and beating of egg whites.  Oh my.  I’m more of a ‘stir in a desultory manner & bake haphazardly’ kind of gal.  We’ll see.  Also, the Boy just informed me that despite my strong memory of him practically eating his weight in cake while we were there, he doesn’t like coconut cake flavored with amaretto.  I think he’s just being contrary, but I hope it’s yummy, just in case I end up having to devour the entire thing.  Do wish me luck…

Small Things 8-13-13

1.  Cast is off.  Bones are healed really well–surgeon is very pleased.  Less pleasing is the amount of granulation around the pin entry sites.  (ie:  extra flesh grew up around the sites–looks like little tumors where the pins were. ew.)  Because the cast removal/x-rays/pin removal was so traumatic for my little guy, she’s waiting a week to see if they slough off on their own.  Otherwise they’ll cauterize the sites so this can just go away.

And it was traumatic.  He does not like x-rays–I think they just plain scare him.  And the cast removal–noisy saw.  No matter how clearly Cast Dude showed him it can’t cut skin, I don’t think Hen really believed him.  Then the removal of the pins.  Holy hell.  PA uses pliers to grab the pin & yank.  *gulp*  Blood, pain, those scary blobs of flesh around the wound.  Hen would like to never ever ever take his bandages off again, thank you very much.  He was a bit perturbed that we were leaving the cast behind, but was mollified when she wrapped his elbow in gauze.  Right now, I understand that.  I’d sort of like to wrap this whole child in gauze for the next 15 years.  Mummy Boy!

Also, it does look like he’s sustained some nerve damage.  Right where Mama’s nerve damage is!  Yay for knowing exactly what he’s going through, but ugh for him having to go through it.  His index finger & thumb have a ‘wiggling’ amount of movement, but he can’t come close to closing a fist with them.  Not sure if he has any feeling in them.  He’s probably been dealing with some nerve pain/discomfort at nighttime.  (Think aggressive pins & needles + occasional zinging pain like striking your ‘funny bone’.  Not fun.)  Surgeon recommends against physical therapy for a kid this young.  She’d rather wait a couple of months to see how far he comes on his own & I’m inclined to go with her suggestion.  He’s already starting to use it, then remembering and stopping himself, but it’s a good sign.  Also, after last night’s no-cast sleep, he’s straightened it almost all the way, so he’s having no trouble with the mobility of the elbow itself, so that’s good.  It’s just wait & see on the hand.  Which kills me.

But in the meantime, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to deal with life with no cast.  He’s still prohibited from playing in the water, but it’s easy enough to put a cast cover on a couple of bandaid-level bandages.  And he had his first bath in a month last night, so YAY for a non-stinky little boy with clean hair!  He was adamant about not wanting a bath, but once he got in?  There was no getting him out.  Kiddo was ready to hang out in the tub for the duration.  Which was fun to see.  It’s been a summer seriously lacking in fun for him.

2.  Just got my winter garden seeds–carrots, parsnips, spinach & lettuce for fall/winter harvest.  This is really the first time I’ve tried a cool weather garden, so we’ll see how it works.  Despite the cool weather, garden tomatoes are starting to produce.  This is a massively good thing.  And speaking of massive, you should see the size of the zucchini I pulled outta there yesterday…

3.   Still loving on baked zucchini.  (Which is an excellent thing, given how many we’re likely to see.)  And we’re still hauling in gallon sized bags of blueberries every other day or so.  Never knew a cat would up our blueberry harvest so dramatically.

4.  Tantrums are still happening more often than I’d like.  I know it’s lack of sleep related, (hell, I feel like pitching a fit over little things, too) but it’s still hard to watch my sunny child get all stormy.  One more casualty of this awful summer.  Last night I think the culprit was a bandage that slipped down his arm & stopped protecting the blobs.  They’re apparently capillary-rich and sensitive, so it was probably uncomfortable.  Plus he was doing all that ‘stretching out the elbow’ stuff that adults have to be manipulated into doing not-quite-voluntarily because it hurts.  He’s napping now, and I’m hoping that it’s a good nap.  We could all use a bit of a break.

5.  Yay for the library and our wonderful kids’ librarian.  She gave Hen a whole sheet of ‘vehicle’ stickers she’d been saving for him, found us a few Rosemary Wells books on school anxiety, and generally engaged him in conversation on any number of garbage truck related subjects (after noticing the general theme of our books selections!)  Three cheers for people who make kids feel important and worthy of attention.

Small Things 8-5-13

1.  Ok, last night was bad.  Not going into details, but trust me when I say it was bad.  Today was a no-nap day, due to the timing of his ‘replace the cast’ appointment.  Which went…

…just fine.

Not what I was expecting.  He freaked out a little when they pulled off the old cast and unwrapped his poor scarred, pinned arm.  As long as we were in there, the doc wanted to do a visual check on the pins, and, yeah, it was stomach turning.  He cried and I held him while he cried, but I don’t think it hurt, just scared him, because as soon as they started winding cotton gauze around it, he was fine again.  (I was still a bit freaked out–not by the pins, but by how limp his little arm was.  Droopy.  Ugh.)

The cast tech guy was amazing.  Like everyone else we’ve dealt with at Boston Children’s.  A youngish fellow, and Hen was still freaked out & non-responsive til the guy stuck a leftover piece of cotton fluff on Real Bunny’s nose.  Big hit.  Smiles & even giggles and lots of questions about how long Real would need the cast on his nose.  The cast winding was nifty–that fiberglass stuff is pretty amazing!  And the way they wrap the edges so that all the scratchy parts are covered with cotton?  Nice and tidy!  The craftster in me approves!  Then, as we were waiting for the overwrap to harden on the cast, Tech Guy came over with some matching athletic tape & ‘casted up’ Real Bunny’s arm.  Hen is so proud that he & Bun have matching casts.  Tech Guy earned serious mama points there, I have to say.

So a better fitting cast, and best of all–only one more week, (I fervently hope.)

And the rest of the day, until about an hour before bedtime, he was in a better mood than he’s been since the ordeal began.  Likely because this cast is honestly half the size of the previous one. (And, you know, fits and doesn’t bump against those pin ends).  Makes a huge difference in how mobile he feels.  He was crawling around under the picnic table outside, playing hide & seek with me, running & jumping & laughinglaughinglaughing.  Plus he was able to put on one of his hasn’t-been-worn-in-three-weeks shirts, and I think that improved his mood immensely.  Kid loves his tshirts.

Here’s hoping tonight is ok, and that tomorrow is good.

2.  We’re being decadent and having a wood fire in the library tonight because, well, because we wanted to. 

3.  Best new zucchini recipe.  450* oven for 25-30 minutes.  A zucchini sliced into rounds, tossed with olive oil & pressed into a mixture of parmesan cheese and panko crumbs.  Little slices of heaven.  I’m already planning on having this for lunch tomorrow.

4.  Mapping apps for my iPhone have changed my life for the better.  I certainly don’t use my phone as much as many people use theirs, but the ability to punch in an address & have a pleasant voice walk me through how to get there–even in Boston (which is maybe the worst place to drive in the whole country)–is kind of magical.

5.  Henry’s desperate to go to the Children’s science museum tomorrow.  We mentioned it over the weeken as a rainy day option, but he was being such a pill there was no way I was going to leave the house with him like that and he refused, anyway.  But today he asked if we could go, and I told him we’d do it tomorrow since today was going to be cast-day–unless he’d rather go to the zoo tomorrow instead.   He was adamant about wanting to go to the museum (he’s never been to a museum, understand, but I think he has figured out the concept from books)  and he was weirdly fine with the delay, “But don’t forget, Mommy!” so I’d better follow through.  I hope he likes it–it’d be fun to have an indoor place he could go to for a few years for fun, sensory learning stuff.  (And too, Mommy could use a bit of time where I’m not as interesting as everything around him.  I realized last night that some of what’s got me so run down is simply all the physical contact.  Kid weighs almost 45 pounds, and when I’m moving him around all the time the way I am when I’m in with him at night, that’s a lot of moving of heavy things!

Now that he’s got a better-fitting cast, I’m hoping he feels a bit more interested in being a bit more independent again.  I probably love snuggling this child as much or more than most mommies love to cuddle.  But these last few weeks, where I’ve rarely been more than an arm’s reach away, have been wearing.  Mama’s back could use a break!

Wish us sleep.  Please, wish good sleep for us!)