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Another rainy day

which feels like a metaphor for my life.  This is way too many days in a row of rain/gloom/overcast.  If I were in Seattle, I’d be telling myself to suck it up.  But I’m not.  I’m in New York, and OUR crappy weather takes the form of humid-enough-to-drown-in summer nights.  Enough already with the unceasing rain, please!

And enough with the comparisons to my own outlook.  Message received.  Thanks already, but a nice day would be ever so – well, nice.

Here’s what I’m coming up with on clinics:

Clinic PROs CONs Costs
  • 84% DE success rate
  • manysatisfied patients
  • many transfers/year
  • Clinic matches donors
  • Must spend 2 weeks+ in CO at transfer
  • 4-6 month wait
  • travel to Colorado
  • By far the most expensive
  • single cycle = $29,400 + about $12,000 in donor meds, fees, comp.
  • FETs not included
  • IntegraMed’s “insurance” costs appx. 2X single cycle fee, but is refundable in case there is no baby
OR Rep. Med.
  • 73% DE success rate
  • Doc trained at CCRM
  • SAT scores, IQ scores
  • travel to west coast
  • $22,859 + meds./single cycle
  • Shared risk = $16,346 (100% refundable)+ $15,000-$20,000 (non-refundable)
Adv. Fert. Cent. of Chicago
  • >74% DE success rate
  • Offer SAT scores and a database to choose from
  • 8 weeks from consultation to transfer
  • Only 1 visit needed
  • May not qualify for shared risk because of miscarriages
  • Single cycle=$25,000 + meds
  • 80% refund if no baby – 4 cycles+FETs – $32,500 + $7,350/cycle nonrefundable
  • 100% refund if n0o baby – 4 cycles+FETs – $34,000 + $7,350/cycle nonrefundable
My clinic
  • 63% DE success rate
  • Comfortable there
  • no travel
  • Many transfers/year
  • 2-3 month wait
  • database of donors
  • test scores available
  • shared risk only valid til heartbeat seen
  • Single DE cycle = $29,000
  • Shared risk DE cycle = $39,000 (100% refundable) + FETs, + donor compensation & fees ~ $9000 (nonrefundable)
  • 63% DE success rate
  • no travel
  • Long match-up time
  • Still waiting for info packet
Shady Grove
  • 63% DE success rate
  • many transfers/year
  • 2-3 month wait
  • shared donor means that discrepancies will give a clue if my eggs were really the problem or not
  • travel, albeit an easy car ride
  • several days spent there
  • No test score info.
  • chance of cycle being cancelled if not enough eggs to share
  • 6 cycles for $29,000 with donor eggs shared 3 ways + all associated FETs
  • live baby or 100% money back

And there you have it, folks. The ongoing waffling – with charts! – has begun. Anyone with ideas on how to decide (other than flipping a coin), things to add to the waffling chart, or reprimands for being such a wimp about this decision, feel free to comment!