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My IF timeline

Emotional & mental journeys aside, this is where we’ve been on this journey toward parenthood.

October 2007 – We officially start “trying”.  Not that we were not-trying all that hard before.  His first kids were conceived after approximately 20 minutes of trying, so we figure I’ll be knocked up by Christmas.  Hah.

November 2007 – I turn 38.  Ack.

January 2008 – I start charting rather obsessively.  Learn that I have an enviably regular cycle, with textbook perfect temperature rises & declines.  No pregnancies though.

February 2008 – I buy one of those outrageously expensive over-the-counter fertility testing kits.  I come out ok, but the boy might have a problem.  He goes to a urologist and we learn he has somewhat sluggish swimmers, and a lot of them are misshapen.  Urologist recommends a fertility specialist.

March 2008 – I start calling reproductive endrocrinologists in town.  Find one with decent stats (as per the CDC website) that has an opening that Friday.  We’re in!

April 2008 – Testing.  Oh god, is there a lot of testing to be gotten through.  No diseases, no blocked tubes, no cysts, endometriosis.  No explanation for our trouble conceiving.  Start to blog!

May 2008 – 1st IVF.  I don’t produce as many eggs as we would have liked, but I get lucky the first time out!  Pregnant!

July 2008 – At my final RE appointment, the ultrasound shows that proto-sprog has no heartbeat.  A missed miscarriage is diagnosed and, trying to avoid the risk of scarring from a D & C, I opt to wait it out.

August 2008 – I finally miscarry.  Mostly.  Bleed for weeks.  Go see Dr. Bigshot, who diagnoses adenomyosis on the basis of a single ultrasound.  MRI is scheduled, which rules out adenomyosis, but alerts us that the embryo is still within my uterus.  D & C is scheduled after all.

September 2008 – D & C.  Relief from constant bleeding is wonderful.  Anemia clears up.  Begin taking DHEA.

November 2008 – IVF #2 begins and I turn 39.

December 2008 – It’s negative.  No, wait – it’s positive!  No, wait – it’s ectopic.  The day before I was to take the methotrexate shots, I miscarried naturally.

January 2009 – IVF #3 begins and ends.  Perfect cycle, only nothing caught.  At least we have frozen embryos from this cycle to try one last time before moving on to donor eggs.

February 2009 – FET #1 begins.  Lupron craziness ensues.

March 2009 – Craziness gets ramped up several notches when a routine hCG test at my clinic reveals that I’m pregnant.  Er, “naturally”.

April 2009 – No fetal pole, no heartbeat, no baby.  D&C #2.

May 2009 – Unmedicated FET to use up the frozen embryos from our last cycle.

June 2009 – Pregnant!

July 2009 – Still Pregnant!

August 2009 – Not pregnant anymore.  Missed miscarriage followed by D & C #3.

September 2009 – Find a donor!  She begins her testing!  Wait.  And wait.

October 2009 – And wait.

November 2009 – We start trying to coordinate our cycles.  Wait!  What’s that?  A giant cyst on my ovary!  Start over.

December 2009 – Finally.  Ms. DonorFantastica is a superstar, and produces a ton of perfect eggs.  We end up with 13, transferring 2 and freezing 11.

January 2010 – Pregnant!  Due date in September!

February 2010 – Still pregnant!

March 2010 – A few problems with hyperthyroidism, but it seems to have resolved itself.  Still pregnant!

April 2010 – Heartburn takes over as soon as the nausea dissipates.  Also, sacro-iliac pain that nearly cripples me.  But who cares?  Still pregnant!

June 2010 – first indication that this baby is BIG.  Gestational diabetes scare, but pass the 3-hour test with flying colors (whatever that means.)  Still pregnant!

July 2010 – my last day of work co-incides nicely with a long-planned family vacation to Italy!  Still pregnant!

August 2010 – I decide to begin my maternity leave a month before the baby’s due because, damn, it’s hard to get around.  And summer in the city while retaining water?  Not so much fun as it sounds, but who cares because I’m still pregnant!

September 18, 2010 – born on his due date after 24 hours of labor, followed by a c-section due to complete failure to progress.

These days?  I’m a mom, the Boy is a dad (again), and we’re done family-building (Though we might still end up with another dog or cat).  I suppose you could say this is the end of my journey through infertility, but really?  I’m still here on the sidelines, cheering everyone else as they make their own journeys.