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MeKate's got a new Etsy store. Gorgeous paintings!

A dear friend is selling ADORABLE handknit baby clothes. If you're in the market, have a look!

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Feeling just kind of off today.  A little sick – though that could just be heartburn-y remains of yesterday’s futile struggle to keep down the yummy (but way onion-y) gazpacho served at lunch.  And I’ve got a headache.  And I can’t concentrate for shit.  And.  And. And I’m pregnant, and tired of being pregnant, and […]

Yum and Yuck

Had a lovely lunch with neighbors/friends in celebration of Henry’s upcoming arrival.  Here’s a scary thought – three healthy ladies, with 8 kids between them.  Guess how many vaginal births?  One.  One vaginal birth, and seven c-sections – and this was 20 years ago! Can you say: “NYC is the U.S. capitol of c-section-happy doctors???” […]

Looking forward to you

Hello Little One.  Little Long-Anticipated One. I can’t wait to meet you.  None of us can.  Your daddy is excited and usually pats you these days even before he says hello to me.  Nellie-the-wonder-whippet knows something’s up, and seems awfully interested in your crazy movements these last few days – she’s taken to trying to […]

High and Mostly Closed

Ok, first off, when your doctor and hospital are both on the ‘L’ line on the NYC subway system, and when that line – which is the only line that serves the area at all – goes kerflooey, it really fucks up one’s travel plans in the city. Also fucks up the staffing situation at […]

Labor Day. Don’t I Wish!

So is it very wrong that I think it would be hilarious to go into labor today? Yeah, I’m easy to amuse.  What of it? I’m also bored.  Bored & antsy.  I’m ready to start this thing, get going, let’s have at it and BEGIN ALREADY. And no one’s listening.  My husband laughs and says […]

Impatiently Waiting

So the closest I can come to describing how impatient I am, how eager to move on to Labor!  Delivery!  Baby! is to say, “remember when you were six, and it was 4:30 in the morning on Christmas morning, and you thought the next 2 & 1/2 hours would NEVER pass until you were allowed […]

Baby Gear! (Before Baby)

I’ve had a couple of requests for more info on the baby gear we’ve (ok, I’ve, because the Boy has thrown up his hands every time I ask for help) decided to go with.  So here it is.  Realize this is all pre-baby, and Henry might just hate some – or all – of this […]