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MeKate's got a new Etsy store. Gorgeous paintings!

A dear friend is selling ADORABLE handknit baby clothes. If you're in the market, have a look!

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Baby Gear! (Before Baby)

I’ve had a couple of requests for more info on the baby gear we’ve (ok, I’ve, because the Boy has thrown up his hands every time I ask for help) decided to go with.  So here it is.  Realize this is all pre-baby, and Henry might just hate some – or all – of this […]

Sicko Stroller Post

I want a sickeningly expensive stroller for Thor. In my defense (because I do feel like I need a defense) I anticipate using this stroller an awful lot.  For anyone who’s not familiar with the “culture” of Brooklyn/Manhattan, walking is simply how you get places.  I have a car, but I have no idea where, […]

Lucky, Lucky Woman

So, I celebrated yesterday’s good news by taking the Boy out to dinner – seriously yummy Syrian food – and splurging on baby clothes.  Baby boy clothes that aren’t accountant-ish or thuggish.  Seriously, maybe I should become a baby-clothes designer?  I’ve found myself seriously put off by almost all the boys’ clothes available out there, […]