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MeKate's got a new Etsy store. Gorgeous paintings!

A dear friend is selling ADORABLE handknit baby clothes. If you're in the market, have a look!

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Yum and Yuck

Had a lovely lunch with neighbors/friends in celebration of Henry’s upcoming arrival.  Here’s a scary thought – three healthy ladies, with 8 kids between them.  Guess how many vaginal births?  One.  One vaginal birth, and seven c-sections – and this was 20 years ago! Can you say: “NYC is the U.S. capitol of c-section-happy doctors???” […]

Looking forward to you

Hello Little One.  Little Long-Anticipated One. I can’t wait to meet you.  None of us can.  Your daddy is excited and usually pats you these days even before he says hello to me.  Nellie-the-wonder-whippet knows something’s up, and seems awfully interested in your crazy movements these last few days – she’s taken to trying to […]

High and Mostly Closed

Ok, first off, when your doctor and hospital are both on the ‘L’ line on the NYC subway system, and when that line – which is the only line that serves the area at all – goes kerflooey, it really fucks up one’s travel plans in the city. Also fucks up the staffing situation at […]

Labor Day. Don’t I Wish!

So is it very wrong that I think it would be hilarious to go into labor today? Yeah, I’m easy to amuse.  What of it? I’m also bored.  Bored & antsy.  I’m ready to start this thing, get going, let’s have at it and BEGIN ALREADY. And no one’s listening.  My husband laughs and says […]

Baby Gear! (Before Baby)

I’ve had a couple of requests for more info on the baby gear we’ve (ok, I’ve, because the Boy has thrown up his hands every time I ask for help) decided to go with.  So here it is.  Realize this is all pre-baby, and Henry might just hate some – or all – of this […]

Baby Name Out Of The Bag

So I guess I let the baby-name out of the bag – which I was intending to do, but I’d thought I’d put rather more thought into the post than just slyly sneaking it into a DoG post! Best laid plans coming to naught – the story of every IF’s reproductive life… Anyway, yes, we […]

What’s New in my 38th Week? Poop! Baby-Mapping! Sleep/no-sleep!

No, not baby poop.  I’m saving that topic for maybe a month from now, maybe two.  I’m actually talking about my pregnant-lady obsession with poop and all things, um, excretory. Because, really, you’ve all been wondering, right? First off, let me say that for me, most of the vaunted side effects of being pregnant have […]

ID – check! Bathrobe – check! Birthing Plan – not so much.

So it looks like, as a Strep B carrier, I’ll be on IV antibiotics all through labor.  Which kind of sucks.  IVs, per se, don’t bother me, but being tied to a pole just might make me nuts at that time.  Hell, I did lousy the other day just being stuck in bed for 3 […]

Argh! Cranky Sprogblogger.

So I went in for my weekly OB exam, but my doc was off delivering a baby. “Bummer,” said I.  “I really wanted to double check with him – I’m feeling less movement in the last couple of days, and what with going off the Lovenox, I’m feeling in need of some doctor reassurance.” So […]


Hmmph. Felt crappy so I turned on the a/c unit.  It’s so humid here right now it’s hard to breathe.  That didn’t help so I pet the dog.  Which made her happy, but didn’t do anything for me.  Then I puked up my morning apple-juice & vitamins. That worked.  Feeling much better now.  Had some […]